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Bachelorette Party Ideas?

Hello Ladies, I was wondering if any of you had any party ideas that you would be willing to share. I am really not sure where to start and I am open for any suggestions (clubs, dinner, limo tours, etc.)?Thank you!

Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas?

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    What were you looking to do? and how many of you are there?did you want it at day or night?do you drink?a spa? club hopping?thunder from down under or some other strip type show?if you can narrow it down a little, i am sure i can help a bit more.
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    We have about 4-6 girls.  The date would be 10-30-09.  I was thinking of starting in the evening.  We do drink and like to dance. I just want to make it really memorable for the bride to be.  What have your girls done for you that have made your Bachelorette party memorable?Thanks.
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    I had about 20 ladies and we started out at Happy Hour at Cafe ba ba reeba, then went back to my room for more cocktails and some dirty games.  Then we all changed and about 10 of us went down to Blush and had a great time dancing and such.  It was a blast! Pics in planning bio.
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    We had a hot pink theme so we stood out from the crowd thats for sure!  We hired a party bus and did a strip tour for an hour, that was $150 for the hour from Earth Buses and we could take all our own alcohol on the bus and either use their music or bring your own ipod, then we got dropped at Kahunaville for dinner and cocktails and they put on a bar flare show for us!  Then we went to Jet at Mirage and it was fab!I had a sash, flashing badge and various other things and my sister had little badges made for us all that said 'Natalie's hen night' it was so much fun!I would really recommend the party bus, we stopped at the Vegas sign for photos and ended up in a car magazine!!
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