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S/o soldering

How much does it cost?I'm considering getting mine soldered, but it will depend on cost too.
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Re: S/o soldering

  • If you have a contract with the jeweler you bought it from it might be included.  Mine is, although I haven't decided whether or not I will yet. 
  • I was thinking the same question earlier.... something tells me it's going to cary by jeweler, state, etc... ugh...
  • If I had mine done through Zales it would be free because we have the protection plan/insurance At another jeweler I was quoted $85
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  • I did mine thru the jeweler that did my ring and band, and he only changed me $35
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  • The jeweler who made my band said $30.
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  • Mine was free
  • both my rings were from the same jeweler so I did not have to pay anything
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