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Order from the bridal shop or online???

So I found THE dress (Pronovias Harlem) and am planning to order in Oct because the bridal shop is donating a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer. I love the shop and the consultant I've been working with. Everyone has been super helpful and no one there has batted an eye when answering my gazillion questions about dresses during my FOUR appts and several phone calls. My dilemma is that I can order the dress through one of the reputible online dress stores (I think it was either Lee Philips or Pearl's Place) for approx $330 less than the boutique's price. The boutique has been great and I REALLY want to give them my business, but I'm on a budget and could really put that $330 to use elsewhere, but I feel guilty not giving them my business after they've spent so much time helping me find the right dress. Do you think I should go ahead and order the dress online and save the money, or order from the store that has given me great customer service (and is donating a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer)???

Re: Order from the bridal shop or online???

  • Negotiate with them. Tell them that you love the dress, and you've had a great experience there and would love to buy your dress there, but the fact is that you're on a budget and found the dress cheaper elsewhere. They might take their price down a little, maybe not the full $330. Take into account that you might have to pay for shipping if you buy it online, and compare the price including shipping against the price they offer you plus the convenience of having great service, and then decide.
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  • Thanks for the good advice. I asked and the shop said they don't price match, but maybe if I talk to my consultant in person and tell her how much I'd love to give her my business, but have to give my budget priority she'll be able to offer me some kind of deal. I'd even be happy with a credit toward alterations/veil/etc. 
  • I say try to negotiate with them since you've had such a great experience there.  Also, I didn't even know that online dress stores sold Pronovias.  I checked with Pearls Place a few months ago and they said they didn't carry Pronovias.
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  • I'm in the same position!  The dress I like is $1600 at the store and Netbride quoted me $1162.  Also there are a few modifications I want to do to it so ordering it online would give me the extra money to do so.  (Also the online is no tax and where I am tax is 9.25%!) I will be talking to the shop and seeing if they can come down in price since I would lOVE to give them my business.  Has anyone had a good experience doing this?  I just wonder how much the shop wouldbe willing to come down in price?  Also, for brides that purchased online how much did shipping run you?
  • I purchased my bridesmaid dresses from Netbride and the shipping was $20.
  • Winter - my mistake, it's an actual brick and mortar store that I called for a quote, per a knottie's suggestion, not an online store. I forgot that until the moment I realized I can't remember where it was that I called! *See "OMG DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS SHOP!?!" post. :) So... Do any of you know of a store that sells Pronovias for cheaper than most? Like I said, it's a brick and mortar store that I called, and I think it's somewhere around New England/east side. Lindze - I've gotten several quotes from the online dealers who get raves here. The shipping for most of the ones I looked into were either free or very affordable, we're talking like $12. GL!
  • I would try to negotiate. RK Bridal had my dress but with shipping vs. in store w/ tax I would've only saved about $75. Since the dress was a bit over my budget I asked the local store if they could include taxes and alterations. They did which was great! When I went back to try the sample again they had sold it so they knocked off another $50 and are rushing the order. :)
  • If your shop has been great and patient with you, give them your business. I went through the same thing. I could have saved $400 ordering online. We were paying for the entire wedding ourselves, but the principal of the situation is that I wouldn't have even FOUND my gown without the amazing ladies at my local salon.Honestly, i judge people who use their local bridal shops, waste hours of their time, and then undercut them by ordering online. Do what ring_pop said and try to negotiate it down a little!
  • Thanks for the info ladies.  I will be speaking to the store.  Another thing is to talk to local stores to see what they are charging.  I don't know why but I feel like stores are more likely to match other brick and mortar stores pricing.  And you would be surprised how much the costs can differ.  For a while Marisa 737 (SaraSmile23 - beautiful dress!) and one shop in my city was selling it for $2000 while another one just 40 minutes away has it priced at $1600.  Big difference!  Since they are both brick and mortar I think I might feel better about asking for a match to a store then from the internet....I'll let you know how it goes once I do it!!  Even if they don't come down all the way to the other price I'd like to get some kind of discount maybe even a credit towards accessories since I just don't know how comfortable I fell purchasing online.
  • Sarah - you're totally right. As nice as it would be to save the money since it's coming out of my/FI's pocket, I absolutely would not have found it w/out the ladies at the shop. They've been great and I owe it to them. It's not like a few hundred dollars is going to make or break the wedding - when you have none, what's a few hundred more? ;) I knew from the get-go that I wanted to give them my business, even before I found THE dress, but I thought maybe I was making it too personal. I thought everyone would be like "it's a dog eat dog world - save the money!" Haha! Ironically, for the life of me couldn't find the name/number to the store that gave me the cheaper quote. I took that as a sign and resolved to order from my beloved bridal shop... low and behold I just checked my Vmails for the first time in like a week and came across the old msg from the guy who gave me the cheaper quote! I guess there are not signs for me today.Thanks again for your words of wisedom, ladies! I'm starting to feel like I can't make large decisions w/out the input of a mass audience. ;)
  • For a while Marisa 737 (SaraSmile23 - beautiful dress!) thank you!!! i love it!
  • I knew from the get-go that I wanted to give them my business, even before I found THE dress, but I thought maybe I was making it too personal. I thought everyone would be like "it's a dog eat dog world - save the money!" Haha! Oh don't worry, I am all about dog eat dog world until it comes to using someone's expertise for free and then undercutting them. It is going to put the amazing, helpful places out of business!It's just my opinion and I know not everybody agrees. Thanks for being so cool about it!
  • You're totally right, Sarah! I'm SO into customer service and am always ranting/raving about it, and declairing from the roof tops that people shouldn't give their money to businesses with bad practices, and vice versa for good businesses. I'm actually kind of ashamed for even thinking about taking my business elsewhere. Oh money, how you taint my mind. :|
  • oh, the tears i shed over my decision to spend the extra $400 at my local salon hahaha.
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