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I came across the best idea for wedding favors the other day--we're totally doing it.  Instead of spending all the time and money to do the favors do a donation instead.  A friend made a donation to a homeless shelter and then printed on a little card "In appreciation of your attendance we have made a donation to (the homeless shelter)."  They tied it onto the little tubes of bubbles at every seat.  It is a great way to do some good, and everyone thinks that it's a great thing for you to do.  We're going to do our donation to Colorado PBS and Rocky Mountain PBS.  I like it so much I had to pass it along!
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Re: Great wedding favors idea

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    We are doing something similar. We're giving each guest an apple candle (shaped just like a green granny smith apple) with a leaf attached that says something along the lines of "A donation has been made in your name to ________" ...the blank will be a school of our choice (FI is going to be a teacher). It will feel good to give back to something important to us!
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    We did the same thing through the Lance Armstrong Foundation...they send us Livestrong wrist bands for each guest and a printed tag that went with them -- I think it's such a great idea to donate to a cause you believe in or has touched you personally!
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    I'm personally neutral on the issue, but you might want to read this post from the Reception Ideas board.  Just something to consider - there are some good opinions here.
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    LesPaul : I can't see the comments you are talking about...
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