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August 2012 Weddings

Christmas Gifts :)

What are you ladies asking for this year from your FI's for Christmas??

And what are you getting your FI's for Christmas?

Re: Christmas Gifts :)

  • I bought FI a wool pea coat last weekend as his Christmas gift. He has been wanting one since I bought mine in Poland 2 years ago and this Saturday we are going to Chicago with our univ's German club, so he would like to look nice. Also, I'm a sucker for a handsome man in a nice coat ;P

    I've hinted at wanting a sweatshirt from our school, although I am graduating (2.5 weeks!!), I lost mine a couple years ago and would like to rep my school. Otherwise I've given him some other ideas but I don't remember what...but really, my engagement ring is the best gift he could ever give me this year :)
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  • I haven't really hinted to FI and he's not the best gift giver in the world (i gues sno one is perfect lol) and he came home the other day with 3 big gifts for me. I have no idea what they are at all. I had asked for some zumba dvds and some betsy johnson slippers I saw.
    We are trying to stay around $150 or under this year to cut costs.

    I have NO idea what to get him. I know he wanted a power drill, butreally,we don't have a use for it in our apartment that has a 24 hr maintence dept. So I am waiting to get him that till we have a house!

    He does really want some slippers that he can wear outside to take out the dog.
    I got him a peacoat last week that i gave him ,and wish i saved it till Xmas

    Also, probably going to get him some beer and beer related stuff. He is a real beer conisignor and can't drink it as often as he likes anymore because of his recently found out medical issues. So I'd like to treat him to something like that.

    No idea what else though!
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  • oh and everyyear we get each other something sock monkey related. Last year was an ornament and on valentines he got me a sock monkey card. It's kind of a joke- but I'm running out of sock monkey stuff to get!
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  • He just wants cologne. I told him Id love a really big crockpot and a kindle (if he wants to add more be my guest, lol)

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