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E Photos Done! Yayyyyy!

Alicia invited us over to her house to show us our engagement photos tonight and we are so excited about them!! Pure Emotions Photography did an amazing job! Justin and I were absolutely blown away by their talented shooting and editing! Since our engagement shoot ended up taking place only 3 weeks before our wedding, Justin and I were pretty stressed about it and nearly cancelled it altogether. But after some (ok, maybe a lot) of encouragement from Alicia, we decided to power through. I have to say we are SOOO glad we did because we had a ton of fun and we have the pictures to prove it! We can't believe how many pictures we absolutely LOVE... Check them out on Alicia’s blog: [url] http://pureemotionsphotography.blogspot.com/ [/url]

Re: E Photos Done! Yayyyyy!

  • Savannah6783Savannah6783 member
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    I saw the teasers a few days ago. Your photos came out AMAZING! I love the whole vintage look! I absolutely love your dress!
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    They are awesome!!!  Love the ones in the theater.
  • sara76sara76 member
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    Amazing! Wow they are awesome, love them!!
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    AMAZING! You guys are so HOT! :)
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    Those are some of the best e-pics I've seen! SOOO good!
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    I am with JDechen! I've been stalking photographer blogs for a year now and those are in my top 2 or 3 favorite engagement  pics I've ever seen! SO original and unique. Now I want to do a themed shoot for mine! U are soooooo beautiful and those photos are amazing. Her editing brought the whole look together too. I keep going back to look at them again!Congrats on great pics
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    I just asked for E-pic pricing from her because of these photos! AMAZING!
  • bnlchic03bnlchic03 member
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    I was just coming here to post that I'd seen them!! I keep going to Alicia's blog hoping that she's posted the ones from your wedding, and I totally forgot that these would be coming first! You look beautiful, and Justin looks so handsome! I love them all! I'm so glad you decided to do them, I know you were so stressed about it! Hope you have a great honeymoon!!
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    thanks girls! I really appreciate all your positive feedback! ok... packing for my honeymoon... leaving very early in the am! so exciting!!!!!
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