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I want a Kindle for Christmas. Does anyone currently own one, would you recommend them?

Re: Kindles?

  • I do not own one, but my sister does and she loves it! She's in the airforce and travels all of the time and she says it's really beneficial to have around when sh'e on plans or in differen tcountries. She couldn't stop talking about it when she came to visit us for the wedding and i must admit, they are pretty cool!
  • I actually just read a post about this on The Nest [url]http://community.thenest.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/23352085.aspx[/url]
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  • I actually bought DH a kindle for his wedding gift and he is obsessed with it!  He loves not having to wait for the newspaper in the morning and being able to download whatever book or articles that he is interested at the time.  He reads the NY times and its obviously much cheaper on the kindle.  We also like that its a little "greener" than wasting so much paper. They also just decreased in price to $259 for the standard and $279 for the global wireless version. I would recommend it 100%.
  • DH tells me that I should get one, but I dunno... I like actually physically holding a book and turning pages...
  • DH got me one for a wedding gift and I LOVE it. He actually gets annoyed sometimes because I read so much. Books are cheaper - I just bought the Lost Symbol for $9.99. I bought a few older books for $6.39 each when I first got it. I can keep it in my purse and pull it out whenever I get time or get bored. I just can't say enough about it. One thing - if you get one make sure you turn the wireless off when you start to use it or it will drain the battery like crazy. Just turn it on when you are trying to get a book. If you have any other questions you can email me if you want (jen788 at gmail dot com).
  • Haha I told DH that I want this for Christmas....and if he doesn't get it for me, I will promptly buy it myself! I am tired of hearing him complain about constantly having to move all my books whenever we move. I also appreciate the greener aspect-as much as I read, I like to think it will absolutely make a difference. So my question is.....if you don't get the global wireless one, can you still use it outside the states? You just can't download?
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