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We got our E-Pics back this weekend, and the magnets are all here. We are working on collecting addresses, and hopefully get everything sent out in the next week or two. The magnets basically just say the date, our names, we hope you can make it (paraphrasing). They are buisness card size. We are sending them with 1 of E-pics. I also want to send a generic letter to everyone saying how time is flying, how much we are enjoying wedding planning, "You can go to our wedding website http://..... to find out more details and keep us with our planning." Hope to see you on June 25th. Does that sound okay to do? We didn't have a website when I had teh magnets made, but now we do, and I want to use this to help people with directions, accomidations, registries, etc. I wanted to find some way to let everyone know how to get more info on things. Is a generica letter with the STDs okay?

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  • generic...spell check is not working today =(
  • I don't think you should list the registries.  I just think that's tacky.  People will ask around.
  • Registry on website is ok. I think a note with that information would be ok, maybe glue the STD on the paper, so it looks like the paper was supposed to be there from the beginning.
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  • That sounds fine.And I think she was saying her registries are on the website, not that she's going to put them in the letter.
  • I wouldn't write a "letter" per se. I would put a quick note on an insert saying "For more details visit" And to the pp, we didn't post our registry info on our website, but because our registries are online, our website picked them up and if you click on "See our registries" they are listed. Any idea how to get those off?
  • I did mean our registries will be on the website. I am not mentioning that in the letter. There is just a tab on our site. If people want to look, they can, if not, that's fine. I would never include the info with the actual STD or invite, but I have seen it on websites many times and am fine with that. I just wanted to make sure the idea of a generic letter would not insult anyone. When I do my "Thank You" cards, I know not to be generic. I wanted to get opinions on this case. Thanks for the replies.
  • Jessjo, thank you for the suggestion. I scrapbook, and do have glue dots I could do that with.
  • What if you got free save the date postcards from vistaprint or something and you could put that info on the postcard? I know they have some with space left for a magnet, and then you could use your glue dots.
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  • I'm a big fan of over-information. I write out lengthy emails telling people directions to my house, the menu at my dinner parties, etc, etc, when I invite them over for something. So I would love a letter with lots if information. That means I can start planning stuff, which I love almost as much as information...
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  • I just sent mine out.  The magnet had our date, location, website on it and we used a glue dot to attach it to a postcard that contained accommodation information.  They looked great!
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