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Sandals Grande in St. Lucia

ladies, I am in the homerun stretch of getting things checked off and want to reserve my honeymoon ASAP. We were originally going to do the South Pacific and Tahiti but my fiance and I went to Mexico 2 years ago and LOVE the all inclusive concept. So, we are looking at St. Lucia and one of the Sandals there. I have read trip advisor and been all over the Sandals website and am completely stuck on the room categories and options. Butlers??? Are they worth it? What about a really great room at the Regency vs, an average room at the Grande? Totally lost and am getting frustrated. Any feedback? Any recommendations? Any good TA's I should contact? Thank you all so much!

Re: Sandals Grande in St. Lucia

  • I am not going to the Grande in St. Lucia, but I am doing a Sandals and I totally 100% agree that there are WAY too many room options and since we are doing a destinatio wedding in Jamaica, I compounded the stress of finding a romantic location with trying to please all our guests! We decided Sandals Negril..some of our families are staying at a Beaches Resorts nearby. We had to contend with flights so St. Lucia wasn't even an option as it is costly and harder to get to. I struggled with this for weeks and finally heard about a TA on here, Jennifer at VIP Vacations. I contacted her and have been SUPER pleased with not only her but her company! I also just discovered that the knot filmed her wedding and while I was working on my checklist, her wedding appeared on my little screen! www.travelbyvip.com is the company website. Oh and by the way, the Grande looks amazing!
  • I booked my honeymoon to St Lucia at this resort, Sandals Grande. I think it's a gorgeous place & definately worth the money. I chose one of the least expensive rooms since we'll be spending most of our time on the beach & doing activities. I booked at a great special (50% off total cost) & with this discount am able to stay an entire week. I can't wait!!
  • We were in the same boat but once we added up what we would spend in Tahiti without any food or drinks it was going to cost us a fortune....Hawaii was another choice for us. We chose Sandals Grande St. Lucia with the help of our TA and it was the perfect choice and we knew what we would be spending and it ended up to be half of what Tahiti would have been for us, plus the distance was another factor. We used Nancy from www.myislandgetaways.com and she gave us so much information on the island, room categories and tips and we received a great upgrade to a butler suite and is huge with Sandals resorts and got a great price.
  • we went here for our HM!! So many choices. I did not get a butler room. We did however do concierge and did the beachfront concierge room. (i think it might have been a penthouse, but I can't remember!) I loved the view and we did get good use of the wine in our room (concierge) every night. We also got breakfast in bed most mornings as that is also an extra you get in concierge. The roads are really yucky there and so many people told us of horror stories about getting car sick. We did the helicopter from the airport to the closer airport. It was about $140 per person but our TA had a promo code that reduced the price. I would definitely recommend our TA, Jennifer at VIP--I know she got an endorsement above but she really did guide us and was awesome to work with. Oh and we also went over to the Regency for dinner and I do think the Grande is much nicer. I didn't see any rooms at the Regency so I just don't know. I am a beach gal and I can tell you the beach is way better at the Grande. We also made sure to walk to pigeon point right next store to the Grande and watch the sunset! All in all I loved our HM and I really did like the Sandals concept!
  • See review at the bottom of my siggy pic.  We loved the Grande and can not wait to go back. Honestly, I'd say save yourselves the money on the helicopter transfer and just fly into the smaller airport as it is only 15 min. from the Grande. Also, here is the link that will get you into our photo galleries. Once you are in to day one you can navigate around and find the other 6 days worth of hm pics. We also have pics from our 1st anniversary which we spent at the Sandals resort in Negril Jamaica. http://www.kristiandkerry.com/HTML/Galleries.php?gallery_id=88If you have any questions please feel free to ask. HTH
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  • We chose the Sandals Regency for our HM and only 2 months away. We went through the same thing, what island? what resort? what room class, We used Nancy from Island Getaways too, she's been there, done it and is great to talk with. She'll also worked with us to get the most for our $$. Our room is in the hilly part of the resort where we are away from the main crowd and have some privacy. They already booked our couples massages and private dinner on the beach and other than that everything is all included.
  • We stayed at the Sandals Regency not the Grande but spent a full day evening at the Grande and really liked it but really were glad we stayed at the Regency. We had a great room ( we got upgraded) and our view was out of this world up in the bluffs. We also used Nancy from Myislandgetaways.com and got totally spoiled with everything on our HM. We saved money from booking on the net and had great connections at the resort and everything on the island. We did the heli transfer and it was so awesome! We totally got hooked up with everything. You will love St. Lucia. Have fun! Our TA made everything perfect for us. Make sure you do the private cande-lit dinner on the beach, they had a great menu and very romantic.
  • thank you all so much. I emailed Jen at VIP yesterday, got a quote, called her last night and my FI totally asked a million questions. She is wonderful!! So, my FI and I talked last night and will be BOOKING it tonight!!!!!! I am so excited!! I have never left the country!! We are going to do the Helicopter too! Now to get our passports!! You gals are the best!!!
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