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October 2011 Weddings

New Around Here!

Hello Ladies! I'm a regular at the May 2011 board, but I believe we are changing to October 2011, so it looks like I'm joining you! My fiance and I were engaged in Maui on 6/8 after being together for over 6.5 years. We are planning a wedding near our hometowns in Virginia (we live in CA currently). Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Re: New Around Here!

  • Hi Maria!! Welcome. There is not that much activity on here yet but it seems like we're having more join every couple weeks so maybe it will soon. You're not the only one in here that is a rescheduled wedding. My FI and I were originally planning a Sept. 2010 wedding but because of financial concerns we had to move it back a year. Once again welcome to the board and hope to hear more about your plans
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  • Thanks for the kind welcome! We decided to change for a simple reason : we love fall! The way the air feels, the colors, the coziness, the pumpkin spice lattes :) Also, our lives are incredibly busy right now. I'm finishing up my Master's degree/working full time and my FI is trying for a promotion at work - we barely have time to grocery shop, let alone plan a wedding! And yes, finances will always be better in the future!
  • Welcome to the board...I love when new people come on...because as she said...this board isn't very active yet. I'm Krystle (from Georgia) so its nice to meet you!

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  • Welcome to the board I am Nikki from Ohio and we are getting married 0ct 22, 2011. It has been slow on here, but I am sure it will pick up soon.
  • Welcome! I am Jen and I'm getting married 10/8/11. Things are definitely slow on here, but it's nice to get to meet everyone early on so we're not all jumping in later!!
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  • Thanks again ladies for the wonderful welcome! Its also comforting to know that there are others out there who are waiting this long. Many people don't really understand (despite my legitimate reasons) why we are waiting and I know we can all relate to the criticism!
  • Welcome! You are among many fall lovers! Have you tried Starbuck's Carmel apple spice? Delish! More of a dessert drink really.
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