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September 2009 Weddings

Found out why one couple didn't give us anything

Apparently they're divorcing - they just got married last June, so I'm really sad for them.  They haven't really announced it yet to many people, and DH just got a text from the guy today.  We're good friends with both of them, which is why they both came to the wedding, but didn't want to tell us about it until afterwards.It makes me really sad =(

Re: Found out why one couple didn't give us anything

  • so i'm confused, why does one getting a divorce mean they can't give you a card or gift?
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  • That is really sad.... especially only just over a year of marriage... =(
  • Probably because they didn't want to go in on it together, and would seem weird doing it separately.  It sounds like she just moved out about 3 weeks before the wedding, and I don't know any of the details of what happened, so I just appreciate that they both came at all.
  • So sad....
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  • That is sad. And really nice they came together anyway and didnt tell you til now. Veyr thoughtful. Good to know theres some classy people out there.
  • My step-brother is in the same situation with going through a divorce and raising their 3 year old son alone.(she's a real piece of work lol)  He called the day after the wedding and said that we would get our gift around Christmas when he had a little more money.  I told him not to worry about it, H & I didn't get married for the gifts and were just happy he could make the wedding.
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