Engagement photos in the...snow?


My FI and I have our engagement photos on the 2nd.  We are starting at The Durham Museum where I work and moving to the Cresecent Moon (where we met & he later proposed).  I'm thinking we could definately wrap up with a fun "snow shoot" including snowballs and general frolicking...

Does anyone have any suggestions for fun ideas?

Re: Engagement photos in the...snow?

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    Build a snowman?  Sledding pictures?  Scarves could be fun props. 
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    We just had our engagement pictures done about a month ago.  The pictures that came out the greatest were the ones of us being us.  Most of the time you don't notice the setting in the background but you notice how happy/in love we are.  We ate before hand which kept us happy for a while.  We also wore comfortable clothes because a lot of the poses required movement or sitting/standing.  It would seem that if you're doing a lot of outside pictures that just snuggling and trying to get warm would come across great on film. Good luck - let us know how it went!!
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    How did it go? I can't decide if we want to do winter pictures or Spring/Summer pictures.
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    oh that sounds like fun..a playful snow fight would be fun..him pulling you in a sleigh nuzzling up with some hot choc. Touching noses with winter hats cute and what fun!

    I saw some a couple did at the zoo...that looked like alot of fun too! They were very charismatic in the photos..very non posey and playful!
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    Well, seeing as it was -8 that morning, we decided to scrap the fun outdoor idea... I do kind of wish we  had done some outside though.

    So, all of ours were inside at The Durham and after hours of planning for clothes and change of clothes, etc... we ended up in the same outfit for the whole shoot.  Our photographer, Steve of A Better Exposure, was incredible!  We just got the proofs today  here is the link:

    Follow the link below to view and purchase your photographs: The password to your Gallery is: "msjhe"

    I agree with the previous post that the best pics are the ones that are taken when you are having fun.  We did a few shots with the theme, "For Better or For Worse" as in the pic of the street car"running over" justin or me stepping on him on the train.

    I also feel that I should preface these shots with the caution that some of our pictures show us on museum property.  Proper permission was asked and granted for each "prop" scene (i.e. behind the soda fountain, on the train, etc...) and should be so that the museum artifacts and ediface are properly treated.  Sorry, I work at the museum and this is the caretaker in me wanting to make sure to preserve the integrity of the museum.

    OK, let me know what you all think!

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