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September 2009 Weddings

Speaking of cards....

I noticed from the "how many people" thread that there seems to be a lot of people that didn't recieve a card from your BP. Is this common? I only ask because I was really upset that my bridesmaid didn't even get us a card but when DH asked her about it. She said she didn't have to get us anything because her gift to us was being in the wedding.... I have never heard this before....
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Re: Speaking of cards....

  • We got gifts from 3 of the BM's, and 1 of the GM's. We didn't think much of it since they all paid for their own attire so we figured that was enough.
  • We got gifts/cards from everybody in the bridal party except the MOH (my sister) and the Best Man. Because of help from my parents and DH, we probably spent more on them with BP gifts/food/other things than they did to be in the wedding.
  • Yeah, thats the thing we paid for their dresses and tuxes, gifts, lodging, other various expenses the weekend of. They just needed to paid for their flight. Oh well... I just wasn't sure if this was normal because they way she said it made it seem like I should know this.
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  • I'm not sure.  Our wedding party consisted of mostly siblings and they didn't get us anything....I'm assuming they considered what their parents gave us was also from them...but yeah, a card would have been nice.
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  • I think they should still get you something...even if it's small...or at least a card!!!! I've never been a BM, but if I was, I would never tell my friend (or assume) that my "gift" to her was being in the wedding. I just think thats weird.
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  • I never heard of BP members not giving a gift. When I'm a BM, I always give a bigger gift than I would have otherwise. I also paid for a lot for my BMs, the only thing they had to take care of was half the cost of their makeup/hair (those that wanted it done) and their shoes. Only one of them needed to stay in a hotel, so their cost should have been minimal. The GMs all gave gifts.
  • We got something from everyone in the BP except 1 BM. No explanation, just nothing. I don't think it's common for them to not gift. Usually when I'm part of the wedding I tend to give MORE than I usually would.
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  • Well, IMO, I didn't expect anything from our BP. The reason? Well, they threw me an expensive shower, took me on a three day beach trip for my bachelorette, and threw DH an awesome Bachelor party that was also OOT. My girls also bought me a lot of stuff along the way including awesome shower gifts and paid for everything on my bach party. So, I didn't expect anything from them, but they did all get us wedding gifts anyway. I would never go to a wedding w/out a gift, even if I were in the BP, but for my wedding, I wouldn't have been upset if they didn't get us a wedding gift.
  • We got gifts from everyone in our wedding party. If someone was having financial troubles, I think they could get away with calling being in the BP their "gift," but in your situation that's pretty rude.
  • Yeah, I was just confused about this. I could understand if she was have money issues but she is not and she didn't participate in my shower, got super wasted at my B Party. I love cards and would have aleast like some sort of happiness expressed, especially for DH's sake. Whatever, she is DH's best friend and thats why she was in the BP. We don't have much in common outside of that.
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  • We have like 30 people who attended but didnt get us a card or a gift, and 5 of them are BP members
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