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March 2011 Weddings

Buying too soon!?

So I've been wedding dress shopping for my wedding in March 2011. I have some friends saying its too soon to buy a dress and others saying if you find "the one" BUY IT! So I was wondering is it ever too soon to buy your dream dress?
.: Michele :.

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Re: Buying too soon!?

  • i feel that its never too early, i have found my shoes, my reception hall and are ready to look for my dress incase icant find the one at first glance,,,, everyones different, most are scared that youll buy your dress early and then find something else you like better, however if you feel its "the one" youll just know and you wont leave it there..good luck!
  •    No I am looking too. If I find one then I might buy it if I have the money.

  • Just make sure your body type doesn't fluctuate too much between now and then. It would be a horrible feeling I think to buy the dress of your dreams, and then have it be too big or too small by the time your wedding rolls around! Extra alterations mean extra cash.
  • I bought my dress, last summer... and my wedding is March 5th. I still love it today just as much as I loved it then. I feel that if you love the dress and it's "the one", then it will always be "the one".
  • I am getting married march 26 2011, I found my dress as well! I loved it! I got it! So I am not worried! girl if u loved it then its fine! Who cares what they think!
  • also... a good seamstress can take a dress in about four sizes.
  • You said your wedding is in march 2011, then why does your ticker indicate its longer? Did u put a diff date in by accident? Just curious! good luck deciding if u should get the dress. Look at my bio for my wedding dress :)  Cant wait till it comes in!!
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