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September 2009 Weddings

Gift Question / Advice

Hi Everyone, I am a Nov 14th bride and have a different question for you all if you dont mind helping me out. First off congrads to you all on your wedding! I have read that a lot of newly weds over estimate the amount of cash they get at the wedding. I am not gift crazy or hoping for a bunch of cash I was just wondering how things went for you all. I havent been to a lot of weddings or know a bunch of brides. So my question to you is did most of your guest include money with the card or did you mostly just get cards and then some gifts. TIA
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Re: Gift Question / Advice

  • Most people either gave a card with money in it or a card with a gift... some people give nothing at all...
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  • I'd say about 85% of our guests gave cards with money or gift cards10% gave a gift from out registry.. and 5% gave NOTHING
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  • A majority of people gave us cards... we had maybe just a handful of gifs to open the day after the wedding.
  • Most people gave cards and $. Some gave gifts, only four or five from our registry. Alot of people gave us nothing.
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  • The majority gave envelopes filled with cash. Others did cards with checks if they didn't already purchase something from the registry.
  • We only had about 20 gifts/cards to open after the wedding, but that's because almost all of our guests came to a shower or sent a gift beforehand. We received a good amount of cash, but more gift cards.
  • Thanks for the info I really appreciate it!
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  • A few people gave nothing, we got 3 wedding gifts and the rest cards with checks..
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  • We recieved mostly cash/checks, and several handmade/personalized gifts. Don't budget your wedding based on the money you hope to get. Many of our guests gave far less than the "cover your plate" rule that most practice, others gave us nothing at all.
  • We got mostly gifts off our receipts followed by a card at the wedding that was empty. We were so thrilled that we got so much off our registry though.
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  • I would say 85% of people gave cards with money in it, mostly from our relatives and parents' guests/friends.  We got some gifts too, but they were mainly from our friends.
  • I just wanted to post to let you know that reading your responses was a relief.  I got married in August (not sure how I ended up on this Board :)  We also only had a few gifts to open after the wedding as most people gave cards with money.  However, I was very surprised to find that a number of guests did not give a gift.  I totally don't mean to sound greedy or ungrateful as we didn't invite guests for the gifts, but I have never gone to a wedding without giving a gift.  I wanted to ensure that I still thanked the person for attended the wedding without making it sound as if we were waiting on the gift, so trying to find the right words to fill up a thank you card was tough at times.  I hadn't said anything to anyone before this about the non-gifts so as to not sound like an awful person who is only looking for presents, so again, it a relief to read these posts of others who didn't receive gifts.
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