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November 2009 Weddings

Swine Flu

FI most likely has it the clinic says...and now i feel sick too. At leas i'll be getting it before the wedding and before i lose my health insurance under my parents...though i'm in a friend's wedding this weekend. Going to the clinic tomorrow to get antibiotics so that i'm good enough to be around people by friday....all the times i made fun of it and i got it. KARMA

Re: Swine Flu

  • Oh no!  Hopefully you will both feel better soon!
  • i've had a couple of friends that had it. i'm sure you willl feel better soon! hope so anyways :]]
  • If you have the flu antibiotics won't help, I would save the trip to the doctor if I were you. Just make sure that your fever is gone without medicine for at least 24hrs before being around other people, you are still contagious until then. I am glad that you if you had to get it you got it before the wedding. I personally am terrified that I am going to pick it up on the drive into the wedding.
  • Yep she is right antibiotics don't help the flu or cold!!!
  • Get lots of rest and feel better!
  • Well I'm feeling a little better today and my fever is gone so I won't be getting the antibiotics. Too much exposure to them is bad! Might head down and get some theraflu or something. At least I got to miss an exam I wan't ready to take. Its so hard to study when I've got my friend's wedding this weekend. My God I'm going to be so useless at school when it gets closer to my wedding! Wish I didn't have to work tonight though....though Ladies...I do work at Bed Bath and Beyond. Discounts! :)
  • I'm so scared of getting. Both my mom and my sister got it just this past weekend.. When I had one of my dress fittings. The flu is sooo violent. My sister has it sooo bad. She had to go to the hospital. She's in London right now cause she visited my mom for Thanksgiving and hasn't come back to Toronto yet, cause shes still sick. I hope she feels better soon.So worried I'm gonna get it. I've taken so many vitamins and sanitized everything! Hopw you feel better soon.
  • I had a patient this weekend that had H1N1... when I saw the test came back positive, I wiped down my entire office with CaviWipes and sanitized my hands about every 15 minutes. That's my BIGGEST worry - getting sick before the wedding. With 24 days left to go, I can't risk it!
  • I just had the stomach flu last week...kicked me down for two days! I'm hoping that is my only illness between now and 11/21! I don't have time to be sick!Stay healthy everyone!!
  • I'm so glad I work in a hospital and get all vaccines that need! H1N1 is friday, already got the regular flu, few months back had to get another DPT because of a pertussis outbreak going through town. as far as antibiotics go you probably mean anti-virals. I, however, will be getting antibiotics friday due to an inflamed cyst that nobody except me cares about...grrr. Last time it took 20 days of antibiotics to get rid of! 
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