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Reception Ideas

Kooky and cute or really lame?

Board games as centerpieces....really fun or bordering on lame?

I think it would be really fun--we've got a good handful of guests who might not dance at all, and several who certainly won't be on the dance floor all night, and our theme is winter/holidays. What says Christmas better than everybody huddled up around a new board game, or one they haven't seen in awhile?

My mom on the other hand thinks it's a terrible idea! She thinks there's no need to have "activities" at a wedding.


Re: Kooky and cute or really lame?

  • I agree with your mom! (sorry)

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  • Sorry, I think that is kind of weird. You don't need to entertain people at your wedding!
  • Not for a wedding.
  • I vote lame. People will know how to entertain themselves.
  • Sorry, I vote no.
  • It's not an office retreat, it's a wedding. You don't need "activities" for your guests, they know how to socialize and have fun on their own.

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  • I agree that it's a terrible idea. I'd probably end up just staring at the board game and texting on my phone all night if I felt forced to play.
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  • Sorry:  really lame.  And this is coming from someone who's famly loves playing games.  Just not at a wedding.  And the connection between "Winter Wonderland" and Scrabble is really a stretch.
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  • I agree with your mom.  There's no need for activities at a wedding.  I had guests that don't dance and they were up mingling with the other guests.  They don't have to dance or be entertained with a board game to have a good time.
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  • Lame. I LOVE board games, but not at a wedding.
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  • I've seen board games as centerpieces, and it works fine.  The problem comes when people feel forced to play, that's what kills the party.
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  • Sorry, not a fan. DH is a board game freak and I play quite often too -- but board games are really isolationist in a crowd. If people DO play, instead of people talking, socializing, and dancing, you'd just have several individual groups all doing their own thing, not a party.

    And if they're just going to be used as centerpieces, not for play, you risk pretty easily ruining them with food and wine spills.  
  • I think they could be cute centerpieces/table themes, but not meant to play with. Like a Monopoly table, with placemats made of $$ and Namecards on the back of the cards held up by the little tokens (glued to the each?), the board standing up and folded around a vase of flowers or laying down with a glass bowl/something in the middle of it with chocolate gold coins etc. You could really run with it, but it might be difficult to give a formal look.
  • Not a fan. I was at a wedding where they did this and no one danced. Everyone just stayed at their tables and played games all night.
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  • I don't like this idea at all... Sorry!

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  • I vote no also, unless you and your FI are HUGE board game fans and everyone knows this... then it would incoroprate your personal style.  Maybe have a couple tables set up w/ games for the children...
  • I think it's a cute idea but....I'm not sure it would work out the best.  People might feel forced to play them and it could be a little awkward.   I would stick to music or find something else for entertainment.
  • maybe just have a couple tables or "stations" off to the side where people could opt to play if they like? It sounds like you have guests that would, but you shouldnt put them at every table bc it would encourage people to be hermits. :)
  • Awesome idea, but not for a wedding! Sorry.
  • In my social circle, it'd be great- we're H-U-G-E board game people, but if you don't regularly get together to play games or anything, I think it'd come off as kid-ish.
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