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February 2010 Weddings


Hey February brides!! So, this board has been pretty quiet lately... Are any of you doing signature drinks? What song are you all going to use when walking into your reception?

Re: Questions

  • We aren't sure on signature drinks. We might end up doing a full bar. It just depends on our cash flow when the day gets closer. We can BYOB so that is super nice. I still don't know yet. I am leaning towards Bella's Lullaby from the Twilight sound track (HUGH Twilight nerd, but like the books more than the movie) or the intstrumental version of I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith
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  • No signature drinks for us. FI doesn't care that much and I'm allergic to alcohol so we're not bothering to come up with yet another thing for the guests that day. They can get creative on their own. :-) Our walking-in music is a little inside joke for me and FI. The bridal party will be walking in to a song by Angela Via called "Baila Baila", which is his ringtone for me when I call him (it's a HOT song, heard it last year on SYTYCD and immediately loved it) and we, as of now are walking into my ringtone for HIM which is AC/DC's "Back in Black" - little weird for a wedding, but all we care about is the intro to the song and you can't deny the awesome guitar riffs that open that up. My family will think I've lost my mind, lol. But we're circling the dance floor with hi-fives - I'm gonna be so excited in that moment!
  • along with karebear...i also am a huge twilight fan..and absolutely love bellas lullaby. i would love to use this song. i think its beautiful but FI hasnt completely decided yet. not quite sure on the signature drink yet. Were probably going to have a full bar so we havent really talked about a full bar.
  • I had really wanted to do signature drinks.  Our colors are pink and brown so I really wanted to do one pink martini (something fruity) and one brown martini (like chocolate/espresso).  We are doing a full bar and I haven't looked into what the extra cost would be and I'm at the point with budget where any nonessentials are out the window so it probably wont happen!I haven't figured out much in the way of music yet, but I like everyone's ideas!
  • Signature drink is going to be Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps... mmmm... very good for cold days... we haven't come up with a name for it yet... anyone have any ideas???Haven't decided on an entrance song yet but we definitely want something upbeat to dance to.  We both love dancing so we'll probably end up picking something thats popular on the Top40 list this coming winter.


  • To all the Twilight girls...I love Bella's Lullaby too!! The place that I'm having my reception only allows beer, wine and a champagne toast. However, she's allowing me to have 1 signature drink. I was thinking about doing pink lemonade with vodka and calling it the Blushing Bride. I'm also planning on doing a cookie and hot chocolate bar! :) Love the hot chocolate as your signature drink idea!
  • I really want to do a signature drink. I was thinking something non-alcoholic like a Peach Lemonade since I live in GA and FI's family is from Michigan! However, the addition of a signature drink depends on the budget! I am not sure what song we will walk in to, but FI really likes AC/DC, and I would love to enter our reception to something different! FI and I will have to talk about this!
  • No signature drink either, we are having an open bar. Intro music for us is Korn which I know some people are probably like oh my god but its a cool song, and upbeat and it fits us
  • No signature drink, that's just too much to worry about.  We have open bar, people can drink what they want.  We can't decide on entrance song.  We found a pretty funny one:  It's wedding time by perry grip.  You can google it, it's hysterical, we might use that.
  • We're having a Champagne brunch so we each picked one drink that had Champagne in it and that is all we're serving besides the juice bar and coffee service.He picked Mimosa's and I picked a Midnight Kiss which is champagne with cranberry and a touch of lime.  (Its scrumptious)
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