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Interacial marriage


Re: Interacial marriage

  • I agree with pps! It's crazy how some people refuse to change. It's 2009- almost 2010!FI is Puerto Rican and I'm Asian. After almost 4 yrs of dating, my family still has issues with our relationship. And at any given moment, my aunts will nag about how I'm with FI- and how loud the neighbors are (newly moved in PRs). :-\ You just can't win 'em all.
  • His grandmother?  I'm certainly not saying that she is right but you do have to understand the generation she comes from.  Interracial marriages were illegal until sometime in the late 60s in many places.Even in your parents generation there was some side eye to interracial relationships.  In this case, consider the source and ignore.
  • My fiance is hispanic, and I'm white.  Sometimes I forget that we're an "interracial" couple.  But I'm proud of it :D  I know FI is proud of his heritage, and I'm proud that our children will shrae that heritage!
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  • Ditto PinkSuperhero. I'm excited for our future kids to be so multicultural, I'm almost a little jealous!
  • There is a HUGE difference between RACE and CULTURE. Mexicans- not a different race from white. WTF people. All this emphasis on race is what makes us go through all this crap in the first place. To me, there IS no such thing as race, just culture.Dude, seriously. I had a classmate say that once. "My mom is Mexican and my dad is white," and our professor said, "So... Mexicans can't be white?" Because obviously, they can be.I dated a guy who was Puerto Rican. He had blond hair. My friend actually told me "Puerto Ricans can't be blond!" *headdesk*Scientifically there are actually 3 races: Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid. But it's mostly just a make up of characteristics that determine "race" - not a specific "race" gene. Off topic, but uh, yeah.
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