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fi's bachelor party (long).

fi's best man rounded up the boys and took him on a getaway to montreal for the weekend for a surprise bachelor party. there were 7 of them in total and fi was shocked because he had no idea.first they get there really late friday night, and find a strip club. they were charged $5 at the door and discovered after they got in that there were no strippers left, and the club was closing in 10 minutes. so they had a beer and went to the hotel room. fi discovers that 7 of them are in one room, with 2 small beds. everyone else knew this ahead of time but didnt tell him of course so he got to sleep on the floor with no pillow or 2 they wake up, fi wants to explore the city a little because he has never been there before (its 7-8 hours away) but no one else wants to do anything, so he goes alone for a couple hours.that night while fi is in the shower 2 of the guys leave and give directions to one guy for the bar they will be at. this guy doesnt want to go to the same bar so he intentionally gives everyone else completely different directions so they cant find the place and end up going to a strip club instead. this time there are no strippers here either, but a live band setting up. so they leave and go to another club across the street, where there is one stripper, who a bm gets multiple lapdances from (leaving no one on stage).  fi desperately wants to leave and the best man suggests a live blues bar he knows of. fi gets all excited and says he will come too, but he has to pee first. comes back, and best man is gone to the bar without him. fi walks the city again, pissed off because one guy is at a bar, one guy is at another bar, 2 guys are mia, another is at the hotel... etc. and fi is totally ditched. so he goes back to the hotel, sleeps on the floor again, and then finally blows up at them in the morning because theyre all talking about what a great time they had last night. then they drove home.cliffnotes: fi's friends are a bunch of A$$es.

Re: fi's bachelor party (long).

  • Hmmm, I'm sorry but those don't sound like good friends to me.  That sucks for your FI.  :(
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  • They deserved a blow up.  Did they apologize?
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  • Your FI needs new friends.  That totally blows.
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    your FI needs new friends.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • WOW. Your FI needs new friends. That is awful!!
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  • Its nice that they went out of their way to give him such a good bachelor weekend... im curious why they even brought him at all if it was really all about them?
  • Sucks big time! Will the rehearsal dinner or wedding be awkward because of that? Hopefully they've apologized.
  • Im sorry but this sounds to good to be true.  There were that many hicupps in the plan...I don't know your FI, or his friends but for some reason I have a feeling he isn't telling the whole story...I might be wrong about this though...
  • That is terrible. Did your FI confront them?  They suck.
  • That sucks! What a bunch of douches. Seriously, who does that?  I'm sorry for your FI, Sooles.
  • i know his friends. so yeah. i believe it 100%.still, you wouldnt think they would bring him all the way to another province, and then ditch him. and each other.
  • Yeah it is kind of weird that they would go so far just to end up doing their own thing...
  • This is weird but I've seen guys do this before.  I don't "get" how that's supposed to be a great time either.    
  • Jerks! Why did FI sleep on the floor again? He should have taken a bed and punched whoever tried to get him to move as they came dragging in after their fun night. That totally sucks. Can you do anything for him, like a golf outing or something he loves to do before the wedding?
  • I think your CNs summed it up perfectly. Sorry your FI had such a terrible time! At least he got to see the city, yeah?
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  • I will say, however, I am beyond stunned that they managed to find not one, but two strip clubs with no strippers. In Montreal, that's almost amazing.
  • Wow.  What great friends FI has.  NOT.  That's just awful.
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  • Holy crap!!  That is complete bullshit.

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  • I agree that they only found 1 stripper, Montreal is crawling with strip clubs. Seriously, on St. Catherines Street there has to be at LEAST 2 per block.
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  • no kidding - i have been there a few times and there are blocks filled with strip clubs! the problem the first night was that its so late - as for the second night, i dont know WHAT their problem was.
  • How did they react when he got upset at them?
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  • I just cliffs-noted this for FI. His reaction--'do his friends hate him or something?'So I'm interested to know what their excuse was when he let them have it.
  • you know, it didnt occur to me to ask how they reacted to that. i was just trying to listen and let him rant and cuddling him & junk... i didnt ask many questions i just kinda let him vent. its so weird because it is almost impossible to make fi angry, he is so laid back and he never even raises his voice. but he was just sooo mad at them all for ignoring him all weekend. oh AND fi had to break up a fist-fight in his hotel room between 2 of his drunk friends, which just adds to the fun. he said he didnt have much money on him because his friends told him he wouldnt need to bring any, and he wished he had some with him so he could have hopped a train home on saturday.
  • Sooles....I read your last post as "cuddling his junk."That's all I have to say about  that.
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  • I assume they are in their mid-late 20s? I don't know why guys seem to be so bad at planning stuff. If I were going to a city for a weekend that far away, you can bet I'd plan a few restaurants or bars/clubs I wanted to see. I'd probably check Yelp for reviews even. Yet a lot of guys I know are super disorganized about stuff. Still, there's bad planning, and then there's all-out ditching someone to do what you want when the weekend isn't about you. I don't think they did it intentionally. They're just clueless. I'd also guess that they aren't married/haven't been to many bachelor parties.
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  • Wow.  All other bad stuff aside, why would they make him sleep on the floor?  My now husband went to a bachelor party out of town a few years back in another city.  Since he was the designated driver he, and of course the groom, got the two bed spots.
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