is it too cold to have an outdoor wedding?

tomorrow's high?  54 degrees.  we have our hearts set on an outdoor wedding.  sigh.

Re: is it too cold to have an outdoor wedding?

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    I know someone who is getting married outside tomorrow. She is renting tall heaters to help guests stay warm. If your reception is inside it should be fine. Guests can brave the cold for a 20 minute ceremony.
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    I agree. My wedding is in Feb. I am getting married outside no matter the temp. You can rent some heaters like pp said, but it should be fine for a short ceremony.
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    im getting married in the north ga mts. in 7 days. It's super cold! We're having the wedding under a covered deck but I fear that my guests will still be miserable. Up until today, the forecast was calling for rain! Definitely not my idea of a Fall wedding! It feels like Winter outside for petes sake! In the end, we may move the dance floor inside which was never in the plan & we may not get the outdoor shots we were hoping for if the rain ends up coming. Right now the forecast is saying no rain- but it changes daily. Ugh! I never thought this would be an issue.
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    we did it outside and it was beautiful! it was cold but not unbearable at all. what a wonderful day!
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