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October 2011 Weddings

DIY makeup

Is anyone planning on doing their own makeup?  I've gone to two different makeup trials, and I feel like I can do a better job of my own.  The only thing is, I don't know what kind of face makeup to get...any tips?  I want something not to shiny or cakey that will show up nicely in pictures. I'm kind of scared that I'm not going to have a professional do it, but I just didn't like the way I looked after my trials....hopefully I won't regret it!

Re: DIY makeup

  • Yep--I'm going to buy some really nice makeup (something special, not the stuff I wear everyday) and do my own makeup.  I actually hate when other people do my makeup and I can do a better job myself.  I went to Sephora once already to get a trial of products and tried the Temptu airbrush foundation system--totally didn't like it.  It's sticky and not worth the money.  I'm going to go back and try some other makeup brands to see if I'm allergic before spending a pretty penny on new products.
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  • Like what Harvest did, it might be good for you to go to at least one make-up counter (or a store like Sephora) and have them do you up.  Not only will you potentially find some great products - but you might also learn some tips and tricks!

    I don't normally use foundation - but i've worn the MAC foundation before and it's great - also MAC concealer is great, too.
  • Thanks girls!  I didn't like the airbrush either....It did feel really sticky, and I'm used to more of a powdery light feel.  I will take your advice and try out a makeup counter....maybe this summer would be good to start trying out new products. Luckily I have a week off in August so I will be doing LOTS of makeup research then!
  • I'm totally doing my own makeup. I've been trying out new brands and brushes and things to get it perfected. It's just really hard for me to justify paying someone $200 to spend 10 minutes putting make up on me (that wouldnt even include the bridal party), plus, I've had make up done professionally before and I always feel like I look a little "drag queen" ish, so I prefer to stay in control of my own look on that day. I think I can do it perfectly myself.

    Just a word of warning for those of you who want to get a trial done at Sephora- I got make up done there several years ago for my cousin's wedding, and I got a horribleeee eye infection that lasted for several days and ruined the whole party. I have very sensetive skin (and eyes apparantly) so myabe this was just me, but just be careful. They use the same brushes, products on hundreds of people.

    I really like MakeUpForever Primer- just discovered it a while ago, will definately be purchasing a refill:)
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  • PS I just read an article (not sure how reliable) that Kate Middleton will be doing her own makeup for her wedding! Not sure if I believe that, but I heard she was so unhappy with the professional look for engagement pics that she washed it off and did it herself. The official statement did include that she did her own for engagement pics, so we'll see!!!! Thought that was interesting haha, if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me!!
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  • I haven't decided either way on who's doing my makeup.

    I do LOVE Dior Airflash for a great, light foundation.  It's pricey but I make it last longer than most by spraying it onto a large powder brush and applying like a powder rather than a liquid.  It also feels like a powder on, but with lasting coverage. 

    Also, I'm the type that always seems to get my makeup on the collars of my shirts, but with Airflash it doesn't rub off as easily.

    As for lips, I like a long lasting lip stain, right now my favorite is by Tarte. I only apply twice, once in the am and after lunch and it lasts all day.
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  • Not DIYing it.

    I don't wear makeup normally, and when I do, I only do eye shadow.

    The woman who is doing my makeup has done it for me before, so I trust her.
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  • I use Bobby Brown make-up and love it! I also love Merle Norman makeup. Merle Norman has better staying power foundation wise but I get much better overall results from Bobbie Brown. I went to the Bobbie Brown counter to have them do my makeup for my e-pics. They did a fantastic job and I am thinking I may go this route again for the wedding. Or I could just do my own and have someone help me with my eyes. I tend to have a hard time with that part.
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  • I do my own makeup really well, but since we'll be in Hawaii and it's going to be incredibly HOT I want an expert on Hawaii weather to do mine.

    I was originally going to do it myself and then I thought about it some more and really considered the benefits. I don't want to look sweaty and gross in pictures!
  • I had two MU trials and hated both. I felt like I had way too much eye makeup on, when normally I wear almost none, and I didn't have a nice, clear complexion, which I normally do (with my own foundation).

    So I've booked the MU artist at the hair salon to do the MU day of, but I'm not sure yet if I'll go for a trial or not. She was recommended to me by a friend who went there for her wedding and she looked great. I may just show up the day of, tell her what I want and see what happens (and be prepared to just wash it off and do my own if I'm not happy).
  • I'm doing my own makeup, just because I feel like I don't look like myself when other people do my makeup for me. I will be doing it a lot different than I do everyday though, so I won't look like the same plain person :)
  • I'm doing my own too. I had someone else do it for my friends wedding a few years back, and I just looked VERY washed out. I was so thankful I brought my bronzer with me, because I looked sickly. I've had the same experience each time someone else has done my makeup, and since I know exactly how I like to wear it, I'm more comfortable just doing it on my own. Right now the hardest thing is trying to decided between a few different looks!
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  • i'm doing my own as well. i bought smashbox and didn't like it, so i took it back. if you go to ulta or sephora, they have a good return policy so you can buy it and try it out for a few days and then take it back if you aren't happy with it. i am scheduling a trial at the MAC counter soon and if i like that makeup, i'll use that for the day of. i suggest getting trials at as many places as you can to test out different kinds of makeup and return it if you hate it!
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  • I am getting mine done for day of, but I use bare minerals in everyday life and I love it. It covers great (I was VERY skeptical before trying it, how can a powder cover that well??) and is very light. I bought it as Sephora (online) and have been very happy.
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  • Go to sephora and have someone help you then get a sample and see how it wears. Once you find something that wears nice, buy it. That's what's amazing about Sephora- they will give you samples of anything to try before you buy and show you how to wear it. 
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