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Hey y'all. I am still waiting on my dress to come in (it should be here sometime between now and Thanksgiving), and I am now thinking about what kind of veil I want. Mainly what I'm not sure about is the length of the veil. I don't want it super short like a birdcage veil. I absolutely love the really long veils (I think they are cathedral length), but I'm not sure if I want to be walking around all day with a huge veil. Any input or ideas? TIA! BTW I have PIB of my dress if that helps! Thanks.

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    I Love the catherdral veils too!! I'm stuck on wearing one so I'm going to take it off after the ceremony and because I'm wearing flowers in my hair I will still have something to jazz up my gown.
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    who says you can only have one? I'm having 3! Cathedral for ceremony, a shoulder for the first part of the reception and a really little one kins of bird cage like for the late night dancing!
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    mine was waist length and i loved it. also... i bought it on, super cheap compared to the bridal stores!! here's a thought though: you might want a shorter one to wear if you plan on wearing it all night. when people hug you it will tug - i kept having to stick mine back in during the time that i wore it (just the ceremony and right after) so i know if i was planning on wearing it all night it would have bothered me.
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    I wore my veil just for the ceremony and photos and then switched to a flower for the reception. As for what length--where ever the veil falls it will accentuate that body part so make sure it doesn't hit you in any problem areas.
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    All great ideas.... also, it is possible to buy a double veil. Its a cathedral length veil with another peice that is elbow length that could go over your face coming down the aisle. The cathedral part comes off and you can just wear the elbow length one to the reception... I'm still considering the same issue orangehibiscus!!!
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