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December 2010 Weddings

Advice, please! (Long, sorry.)

Hello, ladies! I have an issue with booking my venue.My fiance and I decided on a New Year's Eve wedding. We would like to have the ceremony and reception in the same place. When I started scouting venues, I came across one that I fell in love with. It was pricier than I would have liked, but less so than the others I had looked at. It's beautiful: a photography gallery with lots of light, two separate rooms for the event plus a full kitchen, bar, changing room, and small loft. They'd allow us to bring our own food and booze would even give us a discount for using them as wedding photographers.I called to book the space a few weeks ago, and, of course, it couldn't just be that easy. The woman who had originally shown me the space was not the chief events person, and the events manager had decided that they would need to charge an extra $1,000 to rent it for New Year's. I tried to negotiate, but to no avail. I ended up telling them that was too much for me to pay and not booking it.But now I don't know where to hold the wedding and the ceremony. I've narrowed it to three options:Wine cellarPros: Nice, lots of space, willing to work with me on the date, relatively affordable, open cateringCons: It's a wine cellar. We would essentially be holding the ceremony in a basement. I guess I just don't like that aesthetic as much as the others I've looked at.Art gallery Pros: Beautiful, lots of space and light, relatively affordable. Actually right next to the original photo studio.Cons: No open catering. Also, FH says the name is slang for penis or something and doesn't want it on our invitations. (It's called Third Eye.)Photo studioPros: It's the one I fell in love with. See above.Cons: We would have to change the date. FH doesn't want that, although I think it might be a good idea (easier for people to travel, take time off work, etc. also easier for me to book other services).I suppose there is a fourth option, which is to suck it up and pay the extra $1,000 for the photo studio on New Year's Eve. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading!

Re: Advice, please! (Long, sorry.)

  • whats a wedding w/o drama!!!! wow okay so if that date works with ur guests then stay with that, plus its a friday so ur guests dont have to worry about work the next day. as far as venue goes, if u spend an extra 1000 on that then its takin 1000 away from somethin else, so keep that in mind. my vote is for the cellar.
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  • It sounds like we are in exactly the same boat! I am also planning 12-31-2010, and am torn about venues. If you and your fiance selected NYE together, I would say don't change the date just because of a venue. Tell your fiance that Third Eye could be referring to the lens of a camera, or have him go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_eye. I think fewer people would actually have to take off work if you kept the 12-31 date, especially if you have your ceremony later (7 or 8ish) and then your OOTs have Saturday to relax before having to travel again on Sunday. The wine cellar could be kind of cool, and would offer a lot of possibilities as far as lighting and decorating, but I don't really like wine, so that would be out for me. However, if you and FH are avid wine drinkers, and it fits your personalities, it could be a lot of fun. I know money is tight everywhere, and I don't know what your situation is, but I am tempted to tell you that for the extra $1000, if it's going to make the difference between you being absolutely happy and in love with the location versus feeling like youre making a compromise, do it.Best wishes!
  • Hello! I'm from Kansas City and know which places you are talking about in the first two options. Where is the photo studio? I may be able to give a different perspective if I knew which one that one was. How many guests are you thinking? The other two are great options. They are both neat..but I need to know which studio it is before I can make a decision as to whether you should change your date/pay more. Thanks!
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