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Ordained in NYS?

Anyone have any information to share on their experience with having a friend or loved one get ordained online to officiate their wedding in New York State?
I am extremely interested in doing this, but I haven't found the definitive word on whether or not the marriage would be legal by state law!
The chatter I've read so far is confused and the laws I've found are broadly worded (hence the confusion), but seem to generally indicate that it's allowed.
I know that sometimes these laws vary by county, I'm specifically located in the Capital Region, but am interested in hearing from anyone upstate (NYC laws are different).

Re: Ordained in NYS?

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    My understanding from a friend who is ordained is that it depends on where his/her training was obtained. My friend can legally marry people in New York State. Many other people go through programs that don't allow them to legally perform a marriage. Look into a specific ordination programs (for lack of a better word) and you'll find your answer. I'll try to reach him and ask about his program, but I believe his was over a year long.
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    I'd call the county you are interested in getting married in and they can give you a difinitive anwser.  If you google the county you can find the office that takes care of marriages. 
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    I'm sure its not your top choice but you could go to the local court house and have them marry you then have anyone preform the ceremony that way you'll be legally married and you can have the ceremony you want...
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