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Where to have Mehndi Ceremony???

Hello! I was curious - for the South Asian brides (particularly in New Jersey, but I'm looking for different ideas) - where did you have your Mehndi ceremony? I was going to have it at the hotel I'm having my wedding but it's way too expensive and we're already pushing the very tight budget. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help ladies!!! Aditi

Re: Where to have Mehndi Ceremony???

  • edited December 2011
    We rented a tent and are having it in my parent's back yard.  We're still getting all the food catered, but thought this would cut down on the cost some.  Plus we will then use the same tent after the wedding for a post-wedding brunch.
  • Meghana55Meghana55 member
    edited December 2011
    We didn't have a mehndi party but we did have pre-wedding festivities and these were done at my parents house.  Do you (or your parents or your FI's parents) live in NJ and could they offer up one of their houses to host?  It's definitely the most cost-effective option.You could also look into having it at a VFW, elks lodge, etc.  There is usually a pretty nominal cost to rent and you can hire caterers to come in and DIY the decor.  I saw in another post that you're having your wedding at the Hyatt in New Brunswick - You could also check with the restaurants in the area.  Some of the restaurants may have private rooms that you can rent out.  There is also an Indian restaurant on George street near the Hyatt and you might be able to rent out the whole restaurant (although I'm not sure how big it is).  If you and your guests are able to travel a little further, you could utilize one of the indian restaurants in Edison or North Brunswick.  There is also Nanking in Piscattaway.  We had our wedding ceremony at Rasoi in South Brunswick and it was great (reviews in bio).  HTH!
  • katie978katie978 member
    edited December 2011
    We did the mehendi ceremony and party separately so my mehendi would be done in advance of the party and I'd be able to enjoy it/the party could be the night before the wedding and I'd still have the benefit of darker mehndi since it was done 2 days before wedding.  So the ceremony was pretty quiet and just close family/friends at my parents' house.  Then we had the party at a restaurant because I had the same issue - couldn't afford to do another catered event at a fancy venue.  It actually worked out perfectly.  Was Much less expensive (no rental cost for the restaurant, just the cost of food) and still super fun.
  • yanksasdjyanksasdj member
    edited December 2011
    Thank you all so much!!!!! You all are so wonderful!!! Great ideas. I'm going to look into the restaurants near the hotel.  Worse come to worse, we may have to do at my parents' clubhouse (the house is too small). Thanks for your help!!! Really appreciate it!
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