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Hi ladies,
Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with Lily Lake Inn in Wolcott?

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Re: Lily lake Inn

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    I was in a wedding that was at the Lily Lake Inn.  It was very nice and the food was good.  It was in December, so we were inside the whole time so I really don't too much about the grounds.  The fireplace by the bar made it very cozy on a freezing winter night!.
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    I did see they have two rooms to choose from one smaller with a fire place that did look nice. We have to go check it out. The grounds look very nice online.
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    ive only been there for a brunch shower, and it wasnt bad.

    we looked into it for our reception, but ultimately didnt consider it because the packages were very piecemeal, i.e. picking apps, open bar, hot/cold foods, etc etc, and i just honestly didnt want to have to wade through all that.
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    We looked there for our wedding.  We both liked the grounds, although the outside space for the ceremony seemed tight to me.  Also we didn't like that there was no bridal suite.  We untimately didn't choose it because it was a hike for most of my family coming from MA. 
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    We're having our wedding there in Oct. We loved the atmosphere and the grounds were beautiful.  The pricing for the Fountain room was reasonable...although they only provide buffet for that room only. It was fine for us though...gets people up and mingling!  So far, I haven't heard any bad things about Lily Lake.  Heard the food is really good!  The owner is the same owner for El Sombrero's in Southington.
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    Good to know thanks! I know if we check it out now the grounds won't look as nice but I am going to make an appt.

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