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February 2010 Weddings


I am having a feb 13 2010 wedding in new jersey. my girls are wearing blue what are you girls doing for centerpieces ???? i go to the florist on oct 17, i need some ideas!!

Re: flowers??????

  • I want a tightly packed, short arrangement on each table. I have some more pics of centerpieces but I can't get the pics to tfer.  If you want them email me at [email protected] and I'll send them to you in an attachment.  Most of them are from the knot. I would like to make these water balloon luminaries to surround the vases.http://www.candletech.com/techniques-and-ideas/water-balloon-luminaries/I saw a tapered vase containing coordinated colored bulbs at our tasting.  It was beautiful.
  • I'm a 2/14 bride using deep red, ivory and dark purple flowers - short and full centerpieces with round and square vases.What about using blue, ivory and silver? Or you could go with blue, yellow and lime green? The florist will guide you but it helps if you have an idea of what you want too. GL
  • I'm a 2-6-2010 bride, and I'm using all calla lillies. There are half tall vase, and half short vase arrangements. The tall vases will have curly willow inside the face, all around the stems of the long, large calla's. They will flow outside the vase. The short one's will just have the mini's in there. My color is dark blue, light blue, and silver... so I may add ribbon around the vases'. not sure. I am also putting tea light candles around all the vases to add a warm feeling.Something like that with no branches at the top, and smaller candles at the bottom.How they all flow! Half the tables will have something like that.The other half will be small. Maybe something like this... orThey will all have mirrors underneath too, so the candle light will reflect. HTH
  • My colors are deep purple, hot pink and lime green... we're doing lots of small arrangements for centerpieces, along with frosted glass votives with flameless tealights (venue does not allow open flames).Here's a pic of the bouquet & centerpieces: http://bit.ly/cnTIl
  • Im in NJ too, where are you getting married? Im using the centerpieces my venue provides
  • I am almost positive that I am using ranunculus and rice flowers. in a black pedestal bowl.
  • i'm getting married 2/13/10 also! we like the rustic look - so we are going to have lots of candles and branches w/ some flowers, most likely blue & white
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