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RSVP frustrations

For those of you who already have invites out.. Have you had people add guests to the response card? I thought that the names on the inner envelope indicated who was invited.. Apparently people do not understand that. We have already had two responses come back with add ons. FMIL's friend added her 25 year old son on in hopes that he could meet someone at the wedding (FI has met this guy maybe once or twice). I had sent an invite to my uncle and his wife, and he rsvped for him and his 3 year old daughter and wrote a note at the bottom saying that since his wife is due 4 weeks before the wedding she wont be traveling with and he will be bringing his daughter instead, that he does not want to leave his wife with a newborn and a 3 year old. We are not having children at the wedding (other than the wedding party), our budget does not permit it. I hate confrontation, and am not really sure how to handle this. If I make an exception for this little girl I know I will have other family members wondering why their kids were not invited. FMIL suggested that I ask her to be a flower girl, but my mom thinks this looks like an after thought. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Re: RSVP frustrations

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    I had a couple.  And we just had to explain, guests are not allowed if you are not married or seriously dating someone.  We just don't have the space!  And even if I did, I don't want random people at my wedding who I will never see again!
  • kellytupkellytup
    edited December 2011
    We had this.  It's almost unavoidable.  My MIL decided to add some people and then there were others that added.  We ended up having them come since our numbers were okay.  It doesn't matter what you put on the envelopes, people sometimes don't get it.  We have RSVP changes right up until I had to give the final numbers, so be prepared.
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