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Intentions / Petitions - need help!

Ok, need serious help on how to write, (even what to write for out Intentions)We know we want to pray for our military, (we both family members in active duty), as well as our family members who have passed.  Can someone please help!Talk about writers block!! :)Thanks in advance!!

Re: Intentions / Petitions - need help!

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    you mean the POTF?  i just modified the one in the book.  mine is in links under FAF if interested.
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    Here's a draft I've been working on ... I borrowed a lot from people here who graciously shared their ideas: For world and church leaders, that love and peace may guide their actions and decisions, and that through their leadership, our world may be a place of equality and justice for all. May they be guided to sound decisions and just actions, we pray to the Lord.   For M and D, now beginning their life together, that they may have divine assistance at every moment, the constant support of friends, the rich blessing of children, a warm love reaching out to others, and good health [until a ripe old age]. We pray to the Lord.   For all couples who have made the commitment of marriage [especially the parents of M and D], may they be examples to the world of unity, fidelity and love, we pray to the Lord…   For those who serve in the military, and who serve as firefighters, police officers and medical personnel, may God protect them as they protect us. We pray to the Lord.   For students and teachers …. [unsure about this part yet, but FI and my parents and many family members are teachers and some people are also students, so I want to write something nice here for them]   For those of us gathered here: may we always be a source of support and love for M and D as they live out their committed love, we pray to the Lord/ or For all gathered here today, in thanksgiving for their love and support of M and D in their past, present and future, may God bless them with love and happiness all the days of their lives, we pray to the Lord…   For the sick, the lonely, the distressed, and oppressed, that they may be strengthened by God's love and mercy and aided by those around them. We pray to the Lord.   For those who have gone before us, especially D’s beloved mother L, and the family members and friends of M and D  - for the repose of their souls, that they may live forever in the kingdom of heaven, we pray to the Lord…   For those unspoken intentions carried in all of our hearts (pause) …we pray to the Lord.   For our community, for ourselves, and for each other, that we may accept the challenge placed before us today, and make love our way of life: we pray to the Lord.
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    wow! thank you this is amazing!
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    I normally don't post here, but came over to look for some ideas...  here's what I've drafted so far - sorry about the type, it looks funny pasted: For our Holy father on earth, Pope Benedict the sixteenth, all the bishops and the clergy everywhere, especially Bishop X and Father X of the Archdiocese of the Bahamas and X and Father X of the Archdiocese of Arlington, that they may lead us and their parishes to a deeper faith in God and a stronger love for others.  Let us pray to the Lord. Reader:  For bride and groom, that whether they are experiencing times of happiness or heartache, may their love and commitment towards each other remain resolute and their marriage may be used as a foundation to help others. Let us pray to the Lord.   Reader:  For Bride and Groom, that they may be blessed with children and their family will be a source of inspiration to those around them.  Let us pray to the Lord.   Reader:  For the family and friends who have gathered today to celebrate the marriage of Bride and Groom and for those who were not able to attend, may they continue to be a source of encouragement to Bride and Groom, and may the Lord keep them safe in their travels and always.  Let us pray to the Lord.   Reader:  For all of those serving in the military, especially those serving in combat situations, may God grant them His protection and their safe return.  Let us pray to the Lord.   Reader:  For our loved ones who have gone before us - especially X and X - that they, and all the deceased, may be granted the rewards of eternal salvation and may they watch over us always.  Let us pray to the Lord.   Reader:  For the prayers we hold deep in our hearts (long pause).  Let us pray to the Lord.
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