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January 2010 Weddings

Invites officially mailed! Where to put RSVP??

Yeah - i mailed my invitations yesterday! I was so excited. My FI was terribly sick so i didn't have anyone to share it with :(My question is... how are you keeping your yes/no RSVP's?? I seen some brides have 2 shoe boxes and keeping the yes's in one and no's in the other. Do you have any creative, yet inexpensive ideas to keep them separate?TIA!

Re: Invites officially mailed! Where to put RSVP??

  • I was just going to put them all into one big manila envelope.  I am keeping track of yes and no on my spreadsheet on the computer, but will keep the cards in case something happens to the PC (God forbid).

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  • agree with pp. i created a table in word with everyones names (as well as the numbers that correspond to their RSVP card. i numbered them on the back so that if someone forgot to write their name on it i would still know who it was. i got this tip from knotties on my local board) and the meal choices so that i could mark what they chose. i figure i'll put the RSVP's in a shoe box or something similar just to keep them together.
  • Two manilla envelopes works great one for yes and one for no. Be sure to double check your envelopes before you give your final count. Before my sister's wedding I double checked my Mom's numbers and found a stack of yes responses in the no envelope
  • A lot of my peeps are technologically savvy so i am using the wedding web page to get rsvp's.   The others i will store in two separate envelopes: one for yes and one for no.
  • I am putting them in different boxes, then storing them on the computer.
  • I'm going totally old school (God likes to smite my compy on a semi-regular basis) so I have a notebook with pockets in it. I actually numbered the backs of my RSVPs (Tiny pencil marks in a bottom corner), so as they come in I'm checking off their numbers and putting yes's and no's into separate pockets.Yes, I'm neurotic and thorough, lol.

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  • Dangit!! I meant to number mine and forgot. I hope everyone remembers to put a name on theirs. *crosses fingers*

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  • i also numbered the back of my response cards. my mother's address is the one that they are going to, she is using 2 shoe boxes. 1 for yes's and 1 for no's.
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  • I live in microsoft excel: we have a spreadsheet where we are keeping track of everything- yes/no's, shower gifts, thank you cards etc.
  • i also numbered my RSVP's... We aren't having any children at the wedding, so in case someone wants to sneak some in, this way I'll know and give them a polite call :)I'm keeping track on here for the yes/no's, but also like to do things the old school way and keep track on pencil paper too! So i think i'll do the shoe boxes :)
  • yeah! I just sent out the invites saturday and people are telling me they are getting them - it's monday!! WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! It's official!!! YEAH!
  • I think I am gonna do a bit of everything. Ill have the two boxes and the numbers in a notebook and on a spreadsheet. that way if anything happens to any of it Ill still be covered. My friend left hers on the kitchen table and one day her soon to be mother in law threw them all away. so if that happens i have back ups
  • I am thinking about putting a label on the response envelope.....one for my address and one for them....that way they won't forget!  what do you think?
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