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~~~~~> AmberLyn9 <~~~~~

Hi Amber!Sorry for the megabelated response to your page a couple weeks ago but I haven't been on much.  Now that I'm on (with a changed SN) I wanted to get back to you.  Everything at Water's Edge was pretty great.  Our coordinator was Cindy and she was wonderful.  If you current one disappoints you, you should ask to switch b/c Cindy really went out of her way for us.My only complaint would be that the room we stayed in the night before the wedding was way too close to the ballrooms (#207 on 2nd floor) and I could hear the bass thumping from the Friday wedding the whole time i was trying to fall asleep (through my earplugs!!) and we had to wake up at 4:30am.  It was a very nice room otherwise, but if you stay there make sure you specifically ask them to stay in a really far away room.How are you doing?  Did you end up buying that dress?Take care!Bella

Re: ~~~~~> AmberLyn9 <~~~~~

  • AmberLyn9AmberLyn9 member
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    Hi Bella!!!! I just posted on your hello cause i didn't see this one, but  I'm doing well. Our coordinator is Nancy. We haven't met with her yet, we've just talked through e-mail. I'll be sure to specify for the room location cause our wedding is a Sunday and I'm sure they'll have Saturday night weddings. Did you have a sit down dinner or station? We're undecided still. I didn't get the dress. It's still in the running, but I'm going to Mariella's in Rocky Hill on Thursday, then Niantic Bridal mall and Aurora's in Guilford on Saturday. So we'll see! Hope everything is well with you. How's being a Mrs?!?!?!
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    Hi again!We had the sit-down meal... I personally just always thought a plated meal would be nicer, but a lot of ppl (incl my mom!) prefer a buffet b/c you can choose how much of which food you get and you can go for seconds, etc.  So I bet either would be good there.  I would just ask them how long it would take for everyone to get served depending on your # of guests.  I'd hate to be in line forever as a guest, you know?  Or be at the last table to get called up and be glaring at everyone else already eating for 30 minutes.Being a Mrs is very similar to being a Miss b/c we already lived together and owned a house.  But it's nice.  It feels a smidge different to me, like a deeper commitment level, but it's a very tiny difference.  Have you got many of your other vendors booked already?Take care!Bella
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