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DIY photo booth?

Has anyone ever tried to set up their own photo booth with a digital camera? Success? Suggestions? Warnings?

Re: DIY photo booth?

  • romyjm8romyjm8 member
    edited December 2011
    Oh, I would be interested in that as well!
  • jennylove810jennylove810 member
    1000 Comments Combo Breaker
    edited December 2011
    Yeah! It's easy, just takes a little fiddling to get it right. All you need is a curtain or sheet of some kind as a backdrop- heavier fabrics work better so that the flash doesn't do anything funky. Bigger is also better so plenty of people can squeeze in. Make sure you can hang this from the wall, some venues won't allow you to adhere anything to the wall. Set up your camera on a tripod about 6 feet away. If you have a SLR camera (the big black one with change-able lenses) with a trigger, that's ideal. Make sure the trigger cord is long enough so someone in the picture can snap away. And that's all! I'd also recommend some silly props, a fresh battery just in case, and a big memory card with lots of room. HTH!
  • jennylove810jennylove810 member
    1000 Comments Combo Breaker
    edited December 2011
    Oh I should also mention that obv I have not done this at a wedding, but the setup I described above is a complete ripoff from a photobooth I saw a photographer set up at a wedding. I have done it at parties I've thrown in my apartment, and the results are HILARIOUS! Have fun :)
  • dpantaleonidpantaleoni member
    Ninth Anniversary 100 Comments
    edited December 2011
    I haven't but we used partybooths.com out of Vegas (they have reps all over the US).  They were the most affordable I found and have small and larger booths.  Definitely worth it and they did a fantastic job!
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