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AW x's 2: My Birthday

So, my birthday was yesterday and I'd like to share what DH did for me.  When I got out of work at 4, he told me to get ready at my moms house to go out to dinner, so I grabbed my stuff from our house and went over to my mom's. (4 doors down, LOL).At about 5:30 P.M. he came and got me and off we went to go out to dinner.  We just went down the road to Chili's for dinner since we had our first (double) date there 4 years ago.  After dinner we went to Maggie McFly's to have a glass of wine.  He had my brother (and best friend) meet us there to have a drink with us--so I was so happy to have both my men with me.As we were leaving DH said he needed to go home with my brother and that I had to wait in my car in the parking lot for 5 minutes then drive home really s l o w l y ...So, I get home, open my front door and there are candles leading up the stairs, so I climb the stairs and there is candles EVERYWHERE..in the kitchen and down the hallways and roses petals leading a path in to the bedroom and through all the rooms that i had to go through..there were red and white candles...then when I got in the bedroom there was the rose petals leading up to the bed where there were a dozen roses and chocolate =) and well..the rest is history..=D

Re: AW x's 2: My Birthday

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