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Signature Drink

My FI and I want to have two signature drinks available at our wedding. We are really hoping that they will be yellow and green. Any ideas? Thank you!!
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Re: Signature Drink

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    Recently, I came across a blog, www.swankytables.com, that has some great recipes - if you click "Enter", then go to "Blog", you can scroll through all the hot pink text on the far right until you get to "The Bar". She has pictures and recipes for all sorts of yummy-looking drinks!
  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    Well, if you do scratch margaritas (i.e. made from juice and not mixer) they're a yellow-ish orange color.  But I'm not a neutral party - that's my fave drink and I generally recommend it to everyone.  :) This is when I wish I had a photographic memory b/c I have at home a page pulled from one of the pile of bridal mags at home that lists some possible signature drinks, but I can't remember anything off the top of my head (other than the scratch marg, see above).
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    For yellow, you can serve pineapple martinis and add a slice of pineapple on the side of the glass. For green, that's definitely a bit harder . . . unless you did a mint mojito with lots of mint so it looks green but then just give it a hawaiian name or you can come up with a combo of you and your FI's first name's for th name or use your last name. Another green idea - Appletini/Green Apple Martini (not sure the proper name)

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    We did a killer passionfruit mojito that was a yellow/green ish colour.
  • ginajadeginajade member
    edited December 2011
    What if you do a blue Hawaiian with pineapple juice?  Not sure how it tastes, but that should get the green color.
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    Do you mean 2 separate drinks?Midori sour is green.  For something yellow, anything with limoncello.
  • Samaralynn23Samaralynn23 member
    edited December 2011
    OMG only 23 more days can you believe it, it just seems unreal. Ok so i have one for your green. We are actually using it as our sig at our reception in a fountain punch bowl i found on ebay(fiance's only real request). It's a bright green color though but very very ONO. It's called nuke waste, can't give you the recipe we have cause its some secret secret submarinere thing but i have looked online to see if there are recipes and well they are honestly just as good as the one we have. Hope that helps.
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