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December 2009 Weddings

Need help...

I'm new to the boards but decided maybe someone on here could help? We are having a VERY small wedding (50 people max)..we invited immediate family and friends but it seems like everyone is inviting a guest! How do we nicely tell them there is no room? I have no idea on how to do this politely. I have told some family members but they still insist on bringing boyfriends and girlfriends. Now we are stuck with a count of 70+ people. GRRR. I'm ready to elope.
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Re: Need help...

  • You very politely call anyone with a +1 rsvp and inform them that "Due to space constraints we sadly, cannot acommodate anyone other than who was listed on the invite".I feel your pain.  We did not invite children as there are 47 kids of cousins.  I have received over a dozen calls already insisting that we must have made a mistake on our invites.  People are pissed.
  • I think PP said it great.Just call people and let them know that you are very sorry not everyone is able to attend, but because of the size constraints there's just  not room for extras.Sorry. No need to elope! You're so close!!
  • I would also explain that there's a limited amount of space (not sure if this is true or not, but would say it anyway!), and if someone brings a guest then that's one less family memeber or very close friend who will be able to attend.
  • Thats the problem! Some people still have yet to rsvp and we have no idea if they plan on bringing a guest or not. It's going to end up being "Sorry grandma! My friend brought a date and is already sitting in your seat!" Ha. Plus the price of the guests coming and paying for their "meal" is annoying me.
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