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Yelp fail.

I just read this review on Yelp for a local Petco and thought it was hilarious.

i called the ballard petco to schedule a grooming appt , and the lady on the phone and asked me tons of weird questions, like who was his vet, when was his last rabies vaccine, etc.  i didn't know when he was last vaccinated since he's indoors, so i just guessed.  so then, i get a call back from someone else at petco about 15 minutes later, informing me that she had called my vet, and my cat was actually overdue for his rabies vaccine, and did not indeed get vaccinated when he was last in at the vet in february as i had said!  i couldn't believe it!  they actually went behind my back and CALLED MY VET to ask!!!!!  my cat and i no longer shop at petco.

Really. Asking vet info and rabies vaccination dates is weird? Wow. The worst part, two people rated it as useful.

Re: Yelp fail.

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    yep, definite FAIL! of course they're going to ask you for that info, it's pretty standard.
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    I have had people get snippy with me for similar reasons at my clinic. I HAVE to have proof of vaccination history or else I am not supposed to handle your pet (since I am not rabies vaccinated).  I usually ask before a new client comes in if they could bring a copy of their animal's vaccine status...if they do not I usually give a heads up before their appointment that I need to call their old clinic. Even when I am being really polite, people still throw  hissy fits because 1. they know that the animal is behind on vaccinations  2. they know I am going to request the vaccinations to be updated and 3. I am a horrible person who is trying to take all of their $$$
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    Hahahahahaha wow. God forbid they check to make sure the animal is vaccinated so the employees are safe as well as the other animals they work with!!! People are unbelievable.
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    Most people don't think about the vet techs and what not having been vaccinated. They don't understand that those people who take care of your pet are putting themselves in danger as well by just trying to make your cat look/feel better
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