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August 2011 Weddings


Hello, my name is Sharena, and i am new here, i am in Cincinnati Ohio, and I am having a HARD time finding any thing affordable for my wedding I’m getting married next year August 21 , and I’m on a very tight budget, I am trying to stay under $2000, the main things I’m really worried about costing an arm and a leg are....VENUE, CATERORS, DECORTAION, PHOTOGRAPHY AND A DJ. If anyone have any ideas please, please please, let me no my email is [email protected] Thank you all so much


  • Welcome Sharena! Congrats on your engagement & wedding plans.

    We have a small budget as well, but larger than yours. I'd recommend a LOT of DIY and budget ideas, which are all on those boards. As the prior posters recommended, use your local board for ideas of inexpensive venues (park gazebos), DJ's, etc.

    Feel free to ask them questions, my local Detroit board is very helpful!

    Good luck.
  • photography - you can usually find someone that is willing to give you an a la carte price; so maybe you would only have to pay for the key elements; ceremony, wedding photos; and then dances, toasts.  some even have 4hr pricing on their website.  another option is to call the univesities around there (U.C., Miami, etc) and see if any professor is willing to send some students out for extra credit.

    DJ - depending on where everything is located; getting an ipod, putting a playlist together isnt unheard of.  I dont know much about how that all works, but im sure you could post about it.

    Decorations - dollartree.com  you can vases for $1 per piece, you will really have to be creative and resourceful.  maybe take the approach of simple and elegant, less is more?

    Venue - what about a park?  you could also have a smaller reception in a backyard, maybe with an 'afterparty' in newport?

    Caterer - a cookie table is really popular now with an option for pastries.  my understanding; the women each bake 2 or 3 different kinds (obviously depends on how many people are baking) and its all set out. ive seen pictures and have heard that they turn out fantastic.  and it usually means something to the bakers; being able to physically contribute something. 

    Dress --  get online and check out trunk shows.  do a running of the brides and get into those sales!

    hope that helps!!!!

    how many people are you having?  what do you already have prepared?  what are you hoping for? more details can really help with the advice that you get.

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  • We have the same date and a restrictive budget also ($5000). While I'm not in your area, here's what I did to save:

    1. Ask for a discount for Sunday (many vendors offer this)
    2. Eat a lunch or bunch instead of dinner
    3. Hire a semi-professional or begining photographer
    4. Utilize family talents (have a guest play music, cook, etc.)
    5. Make the invitations yourself
    6. Always ask the vendor if that is their best price. Let them know up front what your budget is. Many will reduce their prices if they think they will lose your business.
    7. Comparison shop for everything! I found my photographer on craigslist. You never know where a great deal is hiding!
    "I love wedding season!" - Wedding Crashers
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