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Anyone used House of Brides.com?

My FSIL brought to my attention last night the site houseofbrides.com, which has the bridesmaid dress I've picked out for $129, compared to $171 (after a 10% discount) at the shop I've ordered my wedding dress from. Just curious if anyone has used them for bridesmaid dresses, and what your experience was. Thanks!
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Re: Anyone used House of Brides.com?

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    I haven't heard of anyone using them.  I used Pearl's Place to order my wedding dress though and there it was discounted about 60% off of what the bridal shop quoted me.  ($390 vs. $1000)... seriously crazy.  They don't do quotes online just over the phone because their quotes usually run the lowest and they don't want other people to price match to their price or lower.  I'm also going to order my bridesmaid dresses from there.  A friend of mine ordered our BM dresses from there when I was in her wedding and she got perfect service and a great price.  They've been great so far with me (including hunting down a fabric swatch for me dress when I forgot to order it with the dress).  I recommend them 100%.  They even got my dress to me in under 3 months! (it was a Watters dress). My recommendation is to give them a call and get a quote.  I know a lot of people that have used them.  They're a brick and mortar store, so definitely the real deal.
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    I am planning to use NetBride.com for my bridesmaids. Their prices are not listed on the website but you can put in an online quote request by style number and they will email you a quote. My girls will end up paying $125 instead of $189! They also don't give you the option of ordering online, you need to fax in or mail a form I believe. I'm pretty sure the price was better through NetBride than HouseofBrides. I think I have also read some not-so-great things about them on The Dress board. I would also look into NetBride and Pearl's Place.
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    Oh... yes, I forgot to mention NetBride.  They seem to come highly recommended too.  I almost ordered from them. My dress was about $10 more from them, but I think they come in comparable to Pearl's Place. Pearl's Place took my order over the phone too which was nice.  The kicker was the shipping.  I only paid $11 shipping with Pearl's Place.  Netbride cost more with shipping.  It was something like $25 for the first dress additional for each dress after that I think.  Definitely check both though.  You never know which will be cheaper.
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    I'm ordering my BM's dresses from Ella Park Bridal. I thought that NetBride would be cheaper...until I factored in the shipping charges and then with that, it came out to be the same price at Ella Park (which is offering free shipping for orders over $90 and a volume discount on the designer I like - 4 dresses ordered = 15% discount and that's in addition to the free shipping). Have not looked at House of Brides and know nothing about it.
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    I used House of Brides to get a BM dress for a wedding I was in a couple of years ago.  All the BMs had a great experience - I have nothing but good things to say about them.
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