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I like the idea of using sparklers as we exit the reception. However, I've never seen this done. Our reception is indoors is it difficult to gather everyone to go outside for our exit? How is this typically done or are sparklers usually used for outdoor weddings?

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  • I was at an indoor wedding this year that had a big set of steps outside that lead to the street. All the guests gathered outside on the steps with sparklers. It was pretty neat, but getting everyone outside and situated was a little annoying and by the time the bride and groom got near the middle of the steps, the sparklers were out. Neat overall, though.
  • PIB. We needed to get everyone out at a certain time, so we did a grand exit. The DJ made an announcement that we were leaving and to head over to the front door to see us off. The DOC was by the door handing them out and organizing people. The GM had lighters and got everyone lit. Then we came out and ran through. Then everyone retrieved their belongings and went to the after-party.
  • We wanted sparklers but we cant have them due to fire hazards :(
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