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Where can I find cute/contemporary Vietnamese/English wedding invitations?  It can be in store or online, pending price?  Thanks!

Re: viet/english invitations - dfw

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    i got my ao dai custom made in vietnam just recently and the color and size is great to my expectations.. i gave my sister one of my ao dai that i had already have and told them to use that for my size. but i found the kind that i liked on>, they have alot of options for you. As for my invitation i tried to do it back in vietnam as well when my sister went back , but the color scheme was very limited to what they have, and its pretty complicated and confusing when your not there to actually see the color yourself.. therefore im currently located in houston and im still on the look out for some places to get that done too.. here's a helpful website that helped me on the design and color i was looking for click on wedding than click on invitation.. other than that most places would do vietnamese wording for you but it might cost more, and im trying to stay within the budget as well.. hopefully when i visit CA in december i will be able to find a place there to help with the invitation i have in mind. hope this info helped you out.
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