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Michael Bambino

Our photographer is Michael Bambino and our engagement pictures are this weekend. I was wondering if anyone else has used him. If so, did he have you pick either black and white OR color? Or could you have both? Where did you go with him? And about how many pics did you take? If you have some e pics I could see, too, that would be amazing, TIA!

Re: Michael Bambino

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    I would hope he would be shooting in digital, and if he is, you should have the option of both. I would check with him prior. Ours gave us the option, but also sent us the pictures that she thought were good in Black and white, sepia and those good in color.  We still received all of the shots in both color and black and white. I would check prior to the session.
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    Bambino primarily shoots film. They only do a little bit of digital at the receptions. We just had our epics taken on Tuesday. The shoot was quick - only about 25 minutes, but smooth and easy. He is hilarious! He typically shoots the epics in black and white but it was a cloudy day so he opted to take ours in color. I would just call the studio the day of and double check. Our outfits were fine but I may have asked FI to wear something a little different had I known they were going to be in color. Anyway, he is funny and fun and clearly knows his stuff! We don't have our pics back yet obviously, but there was a knottie on here who had hers on her bio. I remember she gave me some info about Bambino and I think her name was gianfavl.
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    I would just ask him! :)
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    Michael did my e-pics and they were also in B&W. He prefers to shoot in B&W becuase they are timless and classy. He will take a whole roll of actual film and shoot the entire thing-- took us about 25 minutes as well. You can tell he loves what he does because he has a lot of fun with you. We were constantly laughing. He took us to the park across the street from his office.  I posted some pics on my wedding website under Photos: www.theknot.com/ourwedding/donnagudaitis&mattnaylor
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    Michale Bambino is also my photographer. Same thing, black & white film photos, shoot took about 30 minutes. We went to the park across the street from his office as well. We got our prints back in 2 weeks, he's great!
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    Thanks! I love black and white too, but we're using our e pics for the guest book and the table numbers and I wanted to mix some black and white and color, so I think I'll just have him do color and since I'll have the pics on a CD, I can change the ones I want to black and white.
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