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New Hampshire

Cake cost saving measures

I have a guest list of approx. 250 people. I understand that a cake for that amount is going to be extremly expensive and I would sort of prefer not to spend a couple of thousand dollars on a cake that could be uses elsewhere. I was thinking of having a cake made for about 60-65 people so FI and I have something to cut and have the rest be in the form of a sheet cake. Still delicious but it doesn't need to be shaped or decorated since it will be cut anyways. Has anyone done this and if so, what bakers are willing to do this type of thing? Or do you other ideas to save a little money on the cake? We are getting married at Atkinson Country Club so anyone who would deliver to that area would be perfect.

Re: Cake cost saving measures

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    not that you'd want to do this, but i made a cake out of styrofoam covered in buttercream frosting, put a piece of real cake in the bottom for us to cut into, and then just got a sheet cake from shaw's... DH doesn't even like cake, so no way was i going to be spending a couple hundred on a cake! there's a picture in my planning bio under details of the before and after... and no one knew!
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    We had a small 'display' cake that fed 1/3 of our guests and a large sheet cake for 2/3s of our guests.  Really cut down on costs.  We used Creative Cakes by Debby in Nashua.Any baker should be willing to do this for you.
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    Sheet cakes are a GREAT alternative. This way you still get the quality cake that you want without having to pay big bucks. It is my understanding that most bakeries wil do this for you. GL!
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    Thanks girls! I didn't want to seam cheap I would just rather spend that money elsewhere. I will def call Creative Cakes. heather- I love that idea, if only I could bake ;)
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    We're doing the same thing. I don't think it's being cheap, it's being smart. We're using Patissere Bleu on Main St. in Nashua and they didn't mind doing it at all.
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    We are using Jacques Pastries and are doing the small display cake with a larger sheet cake back in the kitchen.
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    Hi. I went with Klemm's Bakery in Windham and they were extremely reasonable and it takes delicious!!! I'm getting just a small cake to cut and then a sheet cake in the bake that is exactly the same flavors.
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    My bakery is doing this for me, Wild Orchid Baking Company in North Hampton. I am having about 250 ppl too
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    All the above suggestions are great ways to save money. You could also look into cupcakes, or a small display cake and a dessert bar with a variety of options. Good luck!
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    Check out PI2.  The cake is so good and the display looks real and has a spot to cut as well.
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