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A Little disappointed in Caterers.

We hired Vincenzo's to cater our wedding. Went for taste testing and it was amazing. However, at our wedding, the Brushetta wasn't anything like what we sampled. Nor were the mini quiche. We did a pasta station that took alot longer then what we expected. Each person had to wait 10 minutes to get their meals prepared which cut into our fun/dancing time. I was also disappointed that Jim, (The owner) who we had been dealing with the whole time wasn't even there. His assistant was still good and got the job done, but it still bothered me that Jim said he would be there to see things through and he wasn't. On the flip side, everyone bragged about the chicken piccata and their pasta dish. No one had any complants.

Re: A Little disappointed in Caterers.

  • beerladybeerlady member
    edited December 2011
    A warning to all brides... when you go for the taste testing, the chef has time to prepare the small amount for the tasting and make it perfect. On the night of a large party or banquet, there is not time to give that extra attention to detail that you saw in the taste test sample.  So things WILL be different.After planning many large corporate parties, I see this all the time, no matter the venue or the caterer. Yes, it is very annoying. Just be aware!HTH
  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    edited December 2011
    I agree with beerlady.  Tasting vs event is always going to taste different.  It is much easier to make a dish made for 2 people to taste than it is for 100 people.  It is impossible for it to be the same.  As far as the owner goes,  you never know what was going on in his personal life.  He may have had an emergency at home.  I'm sorry he wasn't able to stay the entire time, but stuff happens.

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