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December 2009 Weddings


So my fmil and I get along really well, almost all of the time. Until someone brings up the wedding. She always has to put her two cents in, no matter what it is. When we were brainstorming our ideas for the reception for 130 people, she suggested a ferry boat or something, but only 30 people will fit, for around $7000. The first thing is that me and fi are the ONLY ones paying for the wedding, we are not getting help from any of our parents in any way, shape, or form. Not only are the things she suggests are the priciest (we have a VERY tight budget), but they all include a much smaller guest list. None of my family is in our religion, which is fine with me, I mean, I love my family and I know they love me too, but when she suggests cutting back the guest list her reason for it is because (my) "family wont really want to go anyway, why would they?" UMMMM, does anyone else think this is an innappropriate thing to say?! And then we were doing the invite wording, from Me and FI (we would like you to join us...) instead of from one of our parents, and she got bent out of shape about it. She's so nice, and has really great ideas, but sometimes her comments just make me want to slap her. >.< Sorry, but I had to get this off my chest...


  • Oh I completely understand!!  I get along GREAT with my FMIL and never had any issues until it came to the wedding.  She likes to be in control of things and give her suggestions which is ok but she's to the extreme.  This is why my nice family only wedding turned into a 230 person guest list. :)Just think that it will be over soon and everything will go back to normal.   I try to keep shut at this point b/c I don't want to cause any hard feelings before the wedding even though she does and says things that make me want to slap her too
  • I'm with you both. She was wonderful as my boyfriend's mom. And time will tell how she'll be as a mother-in-law. But as a future mother-in-law, she's a pushy overbearing woman who I want to hide all wedding details from lest she ruin anything else for me.
  • Wow, she sounds like a real peach! Well, if my FMIL were suggesting things like that, I'd simply tell her "Sorry, we can't afford that". And the invite wording thing? The parents are included on the invite if they are PAYING for the wedding. Sheesh. My FMIL can be a pain sometimes but never like this...I feel for ya...
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