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FI really wants to have karaoke at the reception. I am not really sure about it. I feel bad because he says that I keep rejecting all his ideas, but I'm just afraid that the place would clear out. We are having my Dad's cover band play a short set towards the beginning of the reception, and then a DJ for the rest. I was thinking maybe we could do the karaoke towards the end of the reception...has anybody else been to a wedding with karaoke or are you planning on doing it at your reception?

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  • ummno and if you delete this post right away I will pretend I never saw it.hate to see you
  • Ditto OOT... I highly recommend deleting this before you get flamed into oblivion.... Karaoke + wedding = bad idea.
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  • Nope and if I was at a wedding with karaoke I would be leaving. I'm not a karaoke fan to begin with but I don't think it belongs at a wedding.
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  • That's what I figured...I can just imagine some of my tipsy relatives getting up there and making fools of themselves... Do you think it would be cheesy if just FI sang a couple of songs throughout the night?
  • Oh dear! That is a horrible idea.
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  • Karaoke is fun at a bar on $1 draft night.  At a wedding, not so much.
  • It would totally depend on the guests/audience ... but in general it's safer to do something like that at an official after party where people know what they're getting into (I have seen people rent out bars and do karaoke/rock band/guitar hero for the A.P.).

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  • Wedding Karoake is a bad idea. It sounds to me like you're trying to throw your FI a bone here, and that's really sweet of you ... but compromise on something else ... pretty much *anything* else. Please. I'm begging you ... and I'm not even attending.

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  • Honestly, the only time I have seen/heard karaoke at a wedding reception is when visiting a Chinese restaurant that had an Asian family hosting their reception there. That was going on in the banquet room and everyone else eating who was not part of the wedding at all was made to suffer it because the speakers were cranked up full blast. You could have an afterparty or a pre-wedding party of some sort at a karaoke bar. Not everyone likes listening to it and you do risk some people leaving early.
  • Karaoke is a much better fit for an after-party.  I've heard of it at receptions, but it would probably only work if all of your guests are into that kind of thing.
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  • Ugh, PLEASE talk him out of this. Use some previously rejected ideas of his as a bargaining chip. Your wedding is about the two of you, so if he thinks you're monopolizing things then remember to include him.
  • My friend did it at her wedding and it was a hit! She only had it for an hour though at the very end. Her dance was from 8-12 and karaoke from 12-1. If you're going to do it I'd suggest doing it that way.
  • We are having a Friday night wedding and will be having Karaoke set up for anyone who wants to do it the last hour! I think its fun!
  • I LOVE karaoke and so do my friends. I hate dancing. This was also my reception idea. Then the lovely ladies here talked me out of it. You can always just skip the formal dances if he's nervous about that.Not everyone will like karaoke, I guarantee. A lot of people think it's cheesy and will leave. So either do it for an hour at the end (expecting about half the people to take off), or do it at an after-party at a local karaoke bar. Or even after the rehearsal dinner, or for his bachelor party. So take it from me - no matter how awesome he is at karaoke and how much he loves it, it's just not a great idea for a wedding. Feel free to tell him your wedding message board friends advise against this!
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  • I have been to a karaoke reception and I thought it ROCKED! That said I was about 12 at the time so I'm not sure how valid that opinion is. Could you compromise and do karaoke at a reception after party? or go and do karaoke after the rehearsal dinner?
  • Thanks for your opinions ladies! We are planning on doing an after party, so maybe I can convince FI to do karaoke then! :)
  • I asked a DJ about it and he said most brides wished they hadn't!  Get your FI to ask the DJ.  It takes time away from dancing and breaks up the flow of the party.
  • I think it'd depend on teh reception. If it's mostly your friends who would be into it, then it'd probably work. But if you have a lot of you parents friends there and great aunts, they might have very different music tastes than you and I could see you cringing.
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