im disturbed

im so disturbed by the fact that I just sat down at my desk and my button on my pants flew off.  Clearly, this is a sign that ENOUGH is the gym I go..maybe anyways haha.on another note, a girl I work with is leaving and today is her last day so as a joke my brother (& co-worker) put tacks on her chair AS A JOKE, clearly, cause everyone sees them.  Well not her, she literally sat on them, one got stuck in her butt and had to be pulled out and she screamed on the top of her lungs. I LOVE it!!

Re: im disturbed

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    That's not very funny :(
  • ldevietroldevietro member
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    well I thought it was and she thought it was hysterical so, hey no harm right?!
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    OMG, I am imagining a tack going in a very sensitive spot...that poor girl.
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    That's really childish behavior!!!

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    I would probably scream too!  That has GOT TO HURT!  How mean.
  • ldevietroldevietro member
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    Oh, you are so right, it was def childish, but it's been one of those days.  We gotta keep the office lively here..
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    Wow that is a really rude way to send someone off!  I bet she's glad now that she's leaving!!
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    that's a sucky joke.... i'd be PO'd. Not to mention the poor girl probably should go get a tetanus shot now if she hasn't had one in a while. If I was her I'd delight your brother with the dr. bill.
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