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September 2010 Weddings


i just saw your Alaska epics.....amazing!you guys look great...the flowers and sky are beautiful!!!!
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Re: ::rachel::

  • Thanks!  I'm in the middle of trying to make our photo guest book and it's so hard b/c we got so many good ones!All the red and orange in the pictures are wild blueberry bushes.  I loved that while we were hiking, I could just bend down and pick some up and eat 'em.Also--just saw in the post below... K is trying to put up one of those cameras too.  I can't stand the thought.  Sitting in the woods and waiting for one to wander by is one thing.  Stalking them is not cool.  Boys...

  • *butting in*FBIL has two trail cams.  I get all excited seeing these cool pictures of deer and bears, and then I realize he wants to shoot them :(
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