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uplighting under the table?

Hi ladies,I was soooo excited to have found a reasonably priced vendor for uplighting. However, i am getting married at Chateau Briand, the Saturnia room, and during a recent visit remembered that there are mirrors all over the room.... so the uplighting wont work :(my BM suggested I put the lights under the table. sounds weird to me, but i'm willing to explore this. has anyone heard or seen this?thanks so much!karina

Re: uplighting under the table?

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    I did this once on tables that were crescent shaped and they were against a wall, the uplighting came through the middle cut out. I think if you did it under 60 inch rounds, you would have to do battery operated LED"s which are not the cheapest in terms of uplighting. I would not recommend the uplighting under the table, I think you could spend your money on better things and most likely someone will kick it over. If uplighting is really your thing, maybe you might want to consider draping three foot panels of a sheer fabric going from floor to ceiling over the mirrors and then do the uplighting on that.
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    thanks so much for your feedback! it is really helpful!
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    I've never heard of this. Sorry. Maybe you can just do pin lighting for the centerpieces or something like that. I know it's not the same, but it's a nice effect.
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    maybe it's me but I guess I just don't understand the point of putting lights under the tables where people will be seated. unless you have sheer tablecloths you won't be able to see the light.......


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    Even under a regular white table cloth it could give the tables a glowy look, but like pp said, it'd have to be a strong light and it wouldn't be reasonable costwise.
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    Like this.  
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    thanks so much ladies. i think i'm going to pass on the uplighting... what exactly is pinlighting? do you have any pics of it? thanks again for all your feedback. you gals are always so helpful!
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    Pin spotting is tiny lights that tend to highlight center pieces or the cake. It is a small light that needs to be directly over the centerpiece. If you can not hang lights directly over all of the tables, you will need two or three lights to spot it from all different angles. There are other lighting options, I personally am a huge fan of tons and I mean TONS of candles. Or there are LED bases that you can stick flower arrangements on to illuminate them from the bottom.
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    Here's an example of what a room would look like with pin spot lighting.And here's an example of floralytes:
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