Southeastern CT DJ recs?

Hi everyone,I am finding this board so helpful! Can anyone recommend a calm, non talking, just music playing DJ for the New London, Groton, Mystic area?Thanks!Rebecca

Re: Southeastern CT DJ recs?

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    JamKat Entertainment He's based in Niantic.    Mark was wonderful, anything I asked for he was able to do.  I even forgot a song I wanted played for DH&I and he said hang on and he got within minutes.  We didn't want someone to chatty either, and he wasn't at all, he played what we wanted and did the announcements, but that's it.
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    Rebecca, I would recommend Jason Palermo- he DJ'd my best friend's wedding at Groton Long Point in June and he's DJ-ing my wedding at Stonington Meadows next October. He just got hired to DJ the New Year's Eve party at Mohegan Sun this year. His website is and his rates are incredible- he's actually not charging enough, IMO. Hope this is helpful!
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    Our DJ was great and he is open to whatever format you want. As much or as little talk/interaction as you want. He's very personable, and affordable. [url][/url]
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    My DJ at Powerstation is more outgoing but they showed us guys who were calmer and just played the music kind of guys. I dont remember their names but give them a call, they go everywhere.
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